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Dragon Ball ep 2 - What the?! No balls!

The second episode of Dragon Ball continues with Son Goku's quest of adolescent discovery. Some of the things he discovers are;

Girls have a butt on their chest.
Bulma has no balls.
Coffee is bitter and bread is soft, and he likes neither.
Centipedes make a great alternative, cheap and easy meal.

Also, for the second episode in a row, Goku gets naked.

"At least cover up your front!" -Bulma  
"Like this?" -Goku

We learn some things about Emperor Pilaf's grand scheme for world domination, as well. He seeks to purify the world by making public urination and farting offenses that will be punishable by death. Pilaf, after this monologue, promptly farts.

He sends Shuu and Mai (seemingly his only minions - yet he's an Emperor?) out into a dangerous forest where they're beset by wolves. The wolves nearly devour them, if not for Goku's timely arrival... because he wants to eat Shuu and Mai's airplane (which is thinks is a bird, and roast chicken is his favorite). So Goku beats up the wolves, and destroys Shuu and Mai's plane. Villains, man. Won't they ever learn?

The next morning, Goku and Bulma meet Turtle. Actually... he's a Kame. Poor Turtle is lost, and needs to get back to the ocean. Goku wants to help, Bulma doesn't. So Goku decides to take Turtle by himself. But after some reflection, Bulma decides to go with them.

Saint Bulma, always looking out for others.

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