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Dragon Ball ep 3 - Kame Sen'nin's Kinto Un

Kinto Un! Yay!!

This was the first episode of Dragon Ball I ever saw - back when it was edited and on VHS at the local Blockbuster. Though the edited version, VHS tapes, and Blockbuster are all things of the past, I can still recall it fondly.

Goku, Bulma, and Turtle continue their journey to take Turtle back to the ocean, when they run into a speed bump.

Bear With Sword.

Son Goku introduces us to the first named attack of the series, Jan Ken (a clever play on fist of the rock-paper-scissors) which he uses to easily dispatch of the BWS. The gang continue until they find the ocean, where Turtle leaves them, thanking them, and asking them to wait for him to return with their gift.

"A gaudy old man?" -Bulma

Kame Sen'nin arrives! Also known as Master Roshi (or simply Roshi), the turtle hermit with one of the best characters in all of fiction. As I report on the rest of the series, that will become more apparent, but for now, let me remind you of his shenanigans in this episode.

"Come to me, Immortal Phoenix!" -Roshi
"Phoenix?!" -Bulma
"What's a phoenix?" -Goku
"It's a bird that never dies!" -Bulma
"Actually, the phoenix died of food poisoning last year." -Turtle

So instead of giving Son Goku eternal life (boy, that woulda sure made Vegeta angry, amirite?), Kame Sen'nin gives Turtle's savior the Kinto Un - a magic flying cloud, that only the pure of thought can ride!
"But what's a turtle hermit doing with a cloud? They've got nothing in common!" -Bulma
"..Don't worry about the details." -Kame Sen'nin

Bulma decides she wants a gift of her own from the old hermit, but since she didn't help Turtle, Roshi gives her a new condition: show him her panties. Of course, Goku had taken Bulma's panties off that morning when he discovered she had no balls...

That's the sound of a thousand 13 year old boys high-fiving.

So Bulma gets Kame Sen'nin's dragon ball (he had one of those, you see) and when she discovers she has no panties on, she gets out a machine gun and fires indiscriminately at Goku.

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