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Dragon Ball ep 4 - Oolong, the Kidnapping Monster

In this episode of Dragon Ball, Goku and Bulma find themselves in the remote village of Aru, which is being terrorized by a shape-shifting menace named Oolong. Oolong has been taking their food and daughters, and has promised to take the quiet daughter of the Sherman Priest. So when Goku breaks into the Sherman Priest's house to see if anyone is home (because, y'know, Goku)... Goku gets an axe to the head.

Goku is relatively unscathed (once again, Goku) and he and Bulma are told about Oolong. Bulma hatches a plan to remove Oolong as a threat by having Goku fight him, and then rescuing the village daughters, in exchange for the village's dragon ball. Her plan is to dress Goku in drag (pictured above) and for Goku to beat Oolong up once back at his place. The plan goes awry when Goku decides to urinate in front of Oolong.

"She has the thing that I hate most!" -Oolong

Goku decides to fight Oolong, and it's quickly revealed that Oolong is all bark (or all oink?) and no bite. We learn that Oolong is really a pig, and after some shenanigans, Goku manages to capture Oolong and discover where he's kept the village's daughters hidden.

The day is saved, and dragon balls are had.

Also in this episode, Son Goku discovers some important things about female anatomy.

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