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Dragon Ball ep 5 - Yamcha, The Strong Yet Cruel Desert Bandit

Goku and Bulma are joined by Oolong in this episode of Dragon Ball. Oolong is reluctant to take part in the adventure, but a clever combination of panty temptation, a strong-arming Son Goku, and a PP Candy (which gives the eater - Oolong, in this case - explosive diarrhea whenever he hears "pee pee") keeps the former tyrant in check.

Unfortunately, Bulma misplaces her Hoi Poi Capsules (the tiny capsules in the dragon world, which contain anything from cars, motorbikes, to homes, or mountains of porno mags - but you knew that already, didn't you?) ... at the bottom of a river. The DB trio are then forced to walk their way through a desert, to get to their next destination... the mysterious Mt. Frypan.

Gyumao, or Ox King, the demon of Mt. Frypan.

But before the group can get to Mt. Frypan, another threat shows its face in the desert. This episode's titular character, Yamcha, the desert bandit... and his pet cat, Puar.

Yamcha tells Goku and Oolong (Bulma is fast asleep from exhaustion at this point) to hand over their Hoi Poi Capsules and money, or else die. Puar recalls Oolong from their Southern Transformation School, where Oolong bullied Puar and was eventually kicked out for stealing the teacher's panties. So Yamcha vows revenge for his feline friend... and Goku decides that fighting Yamcha could be fun.

Nyoibo vs Rogafufuken

Yamcha recognizes Goku's Nyoibo as the fabled extending bo staff of legendary martial artist Son Gohan... Goku's grandpa! And though his Rogafufuken (Wolf Fang Fist) is strong, Yamcha is no match for Goku's Jan Ken... or...


Yamcha's extreme shyness around women disables him from fighting Goku as soon as Bulma awakens. So he and Puar escape... but Yamcha vows to steal their capsules...!!

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