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Dragon Ball ep 6 - Midnight Callers

Goku, Bulma, and Oolong are still in the desert in this episode of Dragon Ball. Oolong was forced to use his mobile home Hoi Poi Capsule (which he was saving for a special occasion... what sort of occasion, we're never told.). Bulma takes advantage of his bathroom, and Goku of his kitchen. But Oolong has a special plan...

To drug Goku and Bulma... so he can feel up Bulma's naked body as she sleeps...!! Truly, Dragon Ball is the social commentary of its time.

Meanwhile, Yamcha and Puar have been following the DB trio's progress through the desert, determined to steal from them. But their focus changes from Hoi Poi Capsules, to dragon balls, when they overhear Goku explaining the legend to Oolong.

Yamcha wants to wish away his shyness around girls, so he can get married.

But they aren't the only 'Midnight Callers' tailing our heroes. Shuu and Mai (remember them?) are closely following Oolong's mobile home, hoping to get the dragon balls for their boss, Pilaf. Unfortunately, their plan to blow up the DB trio backfires, when Shuu gets the bomb's adhesive stuck to his own hand. More on them later.

After successfully slipping Bulma and Goku roofies, Oolong makes his way up to the bed where Bulma is sleeping. As he prepares to live out his adolescent fantasies on her, Goku comes up the stairs... thinking quick, Oolong transforms into Bulma. But Goku is really Puar, transformed, hoping to lead Bulma out of the mobile home so Yamcha can steal the dragon balls without falling prey to his shyness. The plan backfires when Puar manages to lead Oolong out instead, and Yamcha gets an eyeful of naked Bulma boobies.

But Yamcha isn't done yet...! After recovering from his shock, he and (a now awake, and fully breakfasted) Son Goku have a rematch!

...that ends with Goku knocking out one of Yamcha's teeth.

So Yamcha and Puar take a new tact: They give Goku, Oolong, and Bulma a car (that has a hidden tracking device on it) and 'apologize' for starting trouble. But secretly, they hope to steal the dragon balls from the DB trio, once they've collected all 7!

Meanwhile, Shuu and Mai manage to remove the bomb from Shuu's hand, and attach it to the mobile home. When Yamcha shoots a rocket (yeah, he has a rocket launcher) at the mobile home, they assume it's their bomb. Well, it wasn't.

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