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A request for future Spike developed Dragon Ball fighting games.

Sparking! METEOR, or Budokai Tenkaichi 3 as it is called State-side, is my favorite DBZ game. It is in the PS2 right now, and I will no doubt play it some time today, in a futile attempt to unlock every last capsule, and score a Z on every last Ultimate Battle fight. But S!M/BT3 is known not for it's Mission 100 mode, as much as it is known to feature the most playable characters in a Dragon Ball fighter: 161 DB/Z/GT characters. But I couldn't help but noticed they left a few out. Considering the 21st Tenka-ichi Budokai Saga is what I've just finished watching, I'll draw from that arc.

Now, the cast of the 21st Budokai isn't totally unrepresented on the game. (Kid) Goku, Namu, Yamcha, and Jackie Chun (as an alternate outfit to Muten Roshi) are all playable. But what about the rest?

a slow, but hard hitting fighter, with specials designed to disgust and amuse.

Blast 1 moves
(L2+Circle) Stunning Breath

(L2+Up+Circle) False Courage (as seen here)

Blast 2 moves
(L2+Triangle) Bad Breath (powerful, short range breath attack)

(L2+Up+Triangle) Smell My Finger

Ultimate Blast:
(L2+Down+Triangle) Boo 
(a combo attack where Bacterian sits on his opponent, then farts in their face)

a quick, combo oriented fighter, that uses her cuteness to open her opponent's defenses.

Blast 1:
(L2+Circle) Sexy Wink
(a sexually suggestive wink that stuns momentarily.)

(L2+Up+Circle) Crocodile Tears
(a fake stream of tears knocks the enemy back)

Blast 2 moves
(A powerful, unblockable punch to the face)

Ultimate Blast:
(L2+Down+Triangle) Sexy Attack
(Lanfang utilizes her sexuality to disarm and finish her opponents.)

a mid-speed fighter with heavy defense.

Blast 1 moves
(L2+Circle) Finish Sign

Blast 2 moves
(L2+Triangle) Flying!
(Giran jets at his enemy, brutally smashing into them.)

(L2+Up+Triangle) Looky, looky, looky.

(Giran coaxes his opponent over by telling them too look at his hand, and then smacks them across the stage with his tail.)

Ultimate Blast:
(L2+Down+Triangle) Guru Guru Gum Attack!

(Giran encases his opponent in Guru Guru Gum, combos them heavily, then picks them up and tosses them across the stage.)

Recommendation for Alternate Outfit:
The Dinoman With No Name.

a balanced fighter, with a bit more focus on speed than defense.

Blast 1 moves
(L2+Circle) False Courage
(as seen here)

(L2+Up+Circle) Sneeze!
(Temporarily turns into Blue haired Lunch, restoring health, but unable to defend self during duration.)

Blast 2 moves
(L2+Triangle) Machine Gun
(Lunch fires a machine gun volley at her opponent.)

(L2+Up+Triangle) Lunch is best served cold.
(A combo attack that ends with Lunch giving a massive uppercut.)

Ultimate Blast:
(L2+Down+Triangle) Rocket Lunch

Recommendation for Alternate Outfits:

(Kid) Kuririn
a speedy fighter with powerful combos and finishers.

Blast 1 moves
(L2+Circle) Sun In Your Eyes
(Kuririn's bald-headed version of Taiyoken/Solar Flare)

(L2+Up+Circle) After Image Strike
(as seen here.)

Blast 2 moves
(L2+Triangle) Kamehameha

(L2+Up+Triangle) Kuririn kick!
(A rush attack that ends with Kuririn's signature kick!)

Ultimate Blast:
(L2+Down+Triangle) ...Here's your other five!
(Kuririn attacks his opponent by shouting out math problems, and punching them each time they stop to add.)

Recommendation for Alternate Outfit:
 Orin Temple Monk's dogi.

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