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Dragon Ball ep 10 - The Dragon Balls Are Stolen!

Our heroes are driving through the desert, on the precipice of finding the last dragon ball. Oolong curiously asks Bulma what she intends to wish for when they get all the dragon balls. Bulma responds with her plan to wish for the perfect boyfriend (which is an oxymoron - amirite, sisters?). Oolong initially objects, saying they should wish for something cooler, owing to the fact that they've all been putting their life in danger... but later concedes that the dragon balls are about the only way Bulma will ever get a boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Emperor Pilaf schemes to steal the 6 dragon balls from our heroes, so that he can make his wish to rule the world (if you remember from an earlier episode, it's because he wants to outlaw farting and have public urination punishable by death). He threatens his poor minion, Mai, with hungry alligators if she doesn't finish making a dragon ball locator... so Mai uses some clever tactics to distract Pilaf (asking him what he wants for dinner) while she finishes the device. Shuu arrives to tell Pilaf it's time for his nap, and to involve himself in some shenanigans wherein they use their new dragon ball locator to find the dragon ball they already have... but, hey, it's a start.

Fortunately for Pilaf and co., their spy robo catches the locations of the approaching DB trio (closely followed by Yamcha and Puar), and Shuu and Mai leave quickly to steal their dragon balls. Shuu (in a handy mecha suit) blows up their car, and quickly snatches their dragon balls away.

Goku attempts to go after Shuu, but his lack of technological understanding leads him to think it was the mecha suit that stole the dragon balls, and not the dogman inside of it.

"He's dead... what a weakling." says Goku with obvious disappointment.

Goku reports that the dragon balls have been taken away, and Bulma wails in lamentation that she won't get her wish... until Goku reminds her that he still has his Grandpa's 4-star-ball. But with no car, they have no way of traveling to Pilaf's castle... until Yamcha and Puar decide to assist again (so that Yamcha can get the dragon balls for his own, shyness reducing usage).

Admittedly, the boy needs help.

Back at Castle Pilaf, Pilaf celebrates his victory... until Shuu and Mai point out that a dragon ball is still missing. Pilaf responds in a fury - and tells Shuu and Mai they won't get any dinner.

But lucky for them, the dragon ball is on its way. Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, and Puar enter Pilaf's castle with slight trepidation... exactly what sort of traps will the mysterious dragon ball thief have in store for them? Well, apparently, some Scooby Doo haunted house shit. Pilaf controls a defense mechanism, in which pillars fly out of the walls and attempt to crush the DB Crew. But pillars are nothing Son Goku can't handle.

Pilaf openly complains about the pillars, wanting to know who designed them. When Mai tells him that he did, he promptly shuts up.

And then, he captures the DB Crew with one simple tactic.

Arrows on the ground, designed to led the unsuspecting Pilaf enemy into a trap room.

And it succeeds remarkably.

"Well... there's an idea."

"I can't believe they fell for such an idiotic trap..."

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