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Dragon Ball ep 11 - At Last The Dragon Appears!


When we left our heroes last, they had been easily trapped by Pilaf, in a hidden room beneath the bowels of his castle. Now Pilaf and his henchmen are ready to make their wish... but first, they need to get the last dragon ball from our heroes.

"They don't look like they have any balls..." Pilaf, looking at our heroes from a monitor.
"Perhaps between that man's legs?" -Mai
Pilaf doesn't like crude jokes... but he knows how to get dirty to get answers. He takes Bulma into his command room, under threat of a "dirty" interrogation; Yamcha and Puar are fearful for her, Goku doesn't understand what's going on, and Oolong stares into the two-way monitor with barely concealed delight.

"Pilaf-sama... you're not seriously going to...?!"
Oh yeah. Pilaf is a straight gangster.

Shuu, Mai, and Pilaf are all heavily embarrassed by the exchange... but Bulma is perplexed. "What was it that you just did...?" She asks.

"I... threw you a kiss..."

"That's all? (...) I thought you were going to strip me and do a hero-hero, pafu-pafu, kyoi-kyoi, or an inguri-monguri to me!"

"What a ghastly girl!!" -Pilaf
"Young girls these days are more progressive than they used to be..." -Shuu

So Team Pilaf regroups, and Mai suggests they gas our heroes' room, so that they'll fall asleep... and they can look for the dragon ball in comfort. They do just that, and Pilaf rushes into the room with our sleeping heroes... and passing out himself (he forgot to put a gas mask on). Mai finds Goku's dragon ball, and Shuu puts his sleeping Emperor to bed... awwww. When Pilaf wakes up, his henchmen present him with all seven dragon balls. And Pilaf triumphantly leaves to summon the dragon, and get his wish...

Too bad for him, Shuu and Mai forgot to shut the door.

Pilaf and his crew rush back into their Command room, and Pilaf prepares his ultimate security measure....


After using a giant pinball and pinball machine (which Pilaf controls with a musical keyboard), he manages to chase Goku and the gang back into a corner... right into the room they were stuck in before. His final victory secured, Pilaf once again makes his way outside, to summon Shen Long. Goku and Yamcha try their hardest to break down the room's walls, but Janken and Rogafufuken are no match for the thick bricks. Yamcha suggests Goku use Kame Sen'nin's Kamehameha - and it makes a small hole in the wall, where they can see Pilaf and his minions blow... and where they can send, transformed into bats, Puar and Oolong out to steal back the dragon balls. But when Shen Long appears... they might be too late. (dun dun duuuuunnn)

My thoughts: I've been trying to think of a way to close these entries more organically, and it has been suggested to me that I should give my own thoughts on the episodes. I might not have a lot to say on certain episodes, and a whole lot to say on others, but let's try it out, shall we?

This episode made me laugh. Out loud. Often. Definitely the funniest episode of the Pilaf Saga. Some of the animation was recycled from earlier episodes (Goku pointing threatening was taken from the first episode, and when Goku does the kamehameha from the eighth episode). But I'll talk more in depth about the story and animation of this era of the series after I've finished this saga. So, tomorrow.

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