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Dragon Ball ep 12 - The Wish To Shen Long

Pilaf gathered all seven dragon, summons Shen Long, and makes his wish. The world bows before their new, mighty emperor. Public urination is punishable by death, and not a man, woman, or child ever farts or makes crude jokes again. It is an era of peace, of wealth, of Pilaf.

Emperor Pilaf, God-King.

Actually, no.

Before Pilaf can make his wish to Shen Long (aka Shenron aka The Eternal Dragon aka K-mart Porunga), Oolong rushes to the dragon lord and wishes for girl's panties. Pilaf is furious, and sends Shuu and Mai after Oolong, Puar, and the rest of the DB crew (who have escaped their prison, due to Goku's repeated assaults of the Kamehameha). Shuu calls his Dog Squad (a squad... of dogs. Doberman Pinschers, by the look of them), and the chase begins.

But they're eventually cornered... nice going, Yamcha. >:|

Pilaf is mad with his want for revenge, and so he has our heroes placed in, what amounts to, a giant toaster oven.

And when the afternoon sun comes the next day, they will be shriveled and fried. And poor Bulma forgot her suntan oil.

Bulma and Yamcha both lament not getting their wishes... and Bulma informs the group that the dragon balls will be unobtainable for another year - they will remain normal stones until then. Oolong panics about becoming a roasted pig, and Puar seems oddly calm... He watches the full moon from outside their prison, a smile between his whiskers. When Oolong asks him why he's not panicking, Puar says that he wants to look at something beautiful before he dies.

That's when Goku tells them about the monster. 

Every full moon, he says, a monster comes out. This is why his grandpa told him never to look at the full moon. One time, however, he accidentally looked at the moon, and the next day their house was destroyed, and his grandpa squished by the beast.

uh, Goku, don't look at that moon...

 Yeah... that moon.

....waaaaait a second.

Awww fuck.

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