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Dragon Ball ep 13 - Goku's Great Transformation

Shit just got real.

Goku has become an Oozaru (not a Great Ape - apes don't have tails, monkeys do), and proceeds to thrash everything around him. Any pleading to stop by Yamcha goes unnoticed (but really, who listens to Yamcha?). So even though Bulma, Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong can escape their prison, they risk becoming colorful pancakes on the desert floor. Shuu and Mai wake up after Goku rips the top of their room off. Pilaf, annoyed, shouts for Goku to quiet down and shifts back under his blankets (that's what I'd do)... until, in Wile E. Coyote styling, he looks up and notices the giant monkey outside his window.

Fun Fact: Oozaru =/= not giant gorilla. Gorillas have no tails. TYVM.
We learn in this episode that Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai share a bedroom.

Pilaf Co. try to stop Goku with an assortment of pillows and slippers, but in the end opt to escape in their airplane. This goes well, until Pilaf recalls how long he spent building his castle... so he orders Mai to turn the plane around... and give that giant monkey a taste of pain. PILAF MISSILE, LAUNCH!!

Unfortunately, the Pilaf missile does about as good to Oozaru Goku as a bullet to the skull does to regular Goku.

That is to say: No fucking good.

Pilaf Co. tries to whisk away from our fuzzy hero once more, but Goku picks up a giant chunk of the castle, and chucks it at their plane... demolishing it nicely. Talk about two birds with one stone. That's when Goku turns his eyes to the rest of the DB Crew. Puar, recalling Goku's weakness being his tail, shouts for Yamcha to aim for it. Yamcha uses his Rogafufuken to make a sword out of random bricks (something Tony Stark taught him) and swings at Goku's tail...!

Gah, Yamcha... so much fail.

In the end, Puar saves everyone by cutting off Goku's tail.

Puar: more useful than Yamcha.

Goku changes back into a boy, and the team celebrates. Oolong commits on Goku's potential alien heritage ("But what the heck is he anyway?! Maybe he's an alien?" - oh, foreshadowing), and Bulma and Yamcha decide to date because they're both there, and that's what they wanted anyway.

Awww, maybe Yamcha can finally achieve his dream to get married!

Oh, right.

Goku wakes up and realizes he's lost his tail, but that's okay. Bulma offers Goku to come back to the city with the rest of them (because he's cute and would be popular with the girls), but Goku says he's off to train with Kame Sen'nin.

Oh yeah. It's happening.

Kaio-sama... errr... the Narrator comes over the episode to thank the audience for watching til the end... then quickly says he's kidding, and there's a lot more to come! Boy, for you and me both!

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