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Dragon Ball ep 14 - Goku's Rival?! Appears!!

Son Goku, Muten Roshi, and... a mysterious stranger?!

After the quest for the dragon balls ended, Goku decides to make good on Kame Sen'nin's offer to train him (see episode 8). He gathers a few things from his home in Mt. Paozu, and then he and Kinto Un are off to the southern isle that the old turtle sage calls his home. When he arrives, Roshi is already deep into his morning exercises...

My morning exercises are the same, but I'm not usually wearing pants.

Goku eats all the contents of Roshi's refrigerator while waiting for the old master to, ahem, finish... so that they can begin martial arts training. Roshi agrees that he will begin training, but first Goku has to do him a service: Bring him a pichi pichi gal. "A bitchy bitchy gag?" Goku wonders, not fully comprehending old pervert dialect.

"You know what pichi pichi gal means, eh?"
"It's a guy with no winkie and lots of spunk, right?"
Roshi, giving Son Goku his first lesson.
Goku's first try.
"She has lots of energy!"

Goku's second try.

Roshi attempts to make the best of Goku's second misfire by asking the mermaid if he can touch her pai pais. She slaps the shit out of him and swims off. Goku assumes this is part of the training, and Roshi nods, saying all martial artists must be prepared to take punches... but that he must bring him another pichi pichi gal, this time without the mermaid's bottom half. "Bring another one?" "I thought I told you my training was strict!"

But before Goku can leave to find this third pichi pichi gal, another person arrives, seeking training from Kame Sen'nin...

And unlike Goku, Kuririn is well researched.

Kuririn manages to talk himself into Roshi's tutelage through his knowledge of pichi pichi gals, and immediately condescends to Goku for not having his head shaved. "I wouldn't think you were involved in the Budo arts..." "I like budo (grapes)!" "Was that an attempt at a joke?" "Ahah! Your head is just like a Pachinko ball, huh?" "What did you say?! Those who presume to undertake Budo would do well to shave their heads and sturdy their minds! Look! Don't you see Muten Roshi-sama?!"

"No, I'm just normally bald." -Roshi

And then we learn something about Kuririn's porno choice.

Also in this episode, Bulma, Oolong, Puar, and Yamcha manage to get lost in the desert.

I'm going to assume it's Yamcha's fault.

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