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Dragon Ball ep 15 - The Peculiar Girl, Lunch

Goku and Kuririn search the countryside from the Kinto Un, for Kame Sen'nin's requested pichi pichi gal. Goku thinks he spots a good one, but it turns out to be an old (male) farmer. Kuririn indignity explains that the farmer is a guy, not a gal, and Goku is amazed that Kuririn can tell without checking for a "winkie". Kuririn then assures Goku he's a guy. Meanwhile, some Saloon dog cowboys are waiting for the notorious Bank Robber, Lunch, to come into their town, so that they can collect her bounty. But when a cute girl who looks like Lunch, but with a kinder face and different hair color, enters their saloon, the boss cowboy offers her a drink (he has a weakness for girls like her, he tells his comrades).

 But then, she sneezes.
And shoots up the saloon with her machine gun.

Lunch, now in her Blonde form (the morally dubious half) decides to rob a train. And she does so with great success... but unfortunately, this leads her into a police chase. She does well, outrunning one of the police cars entirely. However, the wind in her face catches up to her, and she sneezes again... leaving the police to question her Blue form (the morally pure half).
That's when Goku arrives.

Hearing the innocent Lunch's cries for help, Goku (much to the dismay of Kuririn) lands the Kinto Un and dispatches the dispatchers... and quite easily too. "Wow, those guys were pretty weak..." Goku says with obvious disappointment. But when Goku sees Lunch, he asks Kuririn if Kame Sen'nin would like her. And so their first task as Kame School students was passed; they found their Master's pichi pichi gal.

Pleased, Roshi takes Goku and Kuririn in as official students!

Roshi (with assistance from Kuririn) talks Lunch into becoming a casual pupil... with the ruse of getting her to dress up in frilly underwear (stating it's their "uniform"). It works, but when Lunch sneezes again, the morally dubious Lunch is less-than-pleased with being found in a compromising position with two kids and an old man. So she does what any sensible person would do...

She gets her gun.

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