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Dragon Ball ep 17 - With Life at Stake! Milk Delivery

Goku and Kuririn's intense training under Kame Sen'nin begins at 4:30AM, sharp. After a light jog, the boys are given a crate of milk each, which need to be delivered by breakfast - normally delivered around the island by helicopter - on foot. For the first leg of their trek, Roshi has them skip (pictured above).

For their second leg, they zig-zag through a road lined with trees. Kuririn attempts to cheat (by running a straight line), but Roshi catches him and reminds him that, "It doesn't matter to me if you drop out!" Kuririn is scorned, and gets back to zig-zagging.

For their third leg, they need to climb stairs. A lot of stairs. Even Goku begins to tire around this point, until Roshi recalls that he once trained Son Gohan and Gyumao this exact way. Upon hearing his grandpa had this training, Goku's spirits soar, and he keeps climbing. Kuririn, poor lad, is still falling behind - but he doesn't attempt to cheat again.

It's at this point that Roshi tells his charges that, if they can manage to keep to their training, in 8 months time he will enter them into the Tenka-ichi Budokai. (Where they can fight boxing gorillas.)

Yamcha - far away in Metro West - is training for the Budokai as well. Puar and Bulma are certain he can win, but Oolong (forever regulated from this point in the series til the end) as the portly voice of reason, raises doubts that Yamcha could hope to beat Goku.

For their fourth leg of milk delivery, the boys have to balance over a very suspect bridge (which appears to be one really long log)... with an impressively deadly drop below. I'm guessing Roshi is training their bladder control, as much as their balance.


For their fifth leg, they have to walk through quick sand (this island has a jungle AND a desert?) and do it quickly!

Their sixth leg is a trek across the rapids of a river, right before they could fall directly into a waterfall. At this point, I reckon it's safe for them to pee themselves.

And finally, their seventh leg (heh, one for each ball), they have to outrun a dinosaur. Good thing they already emptied their bladder in the river.

But this is just their early morning training!!  
Morning training comes next!

I know I haven't been giving my own thoughts on episodes at the end of these (mostly because I can't think of anything to say but, "Yup, still love the shit out of Dragon Ball"), but I can safely say that this is my favorite episode of the ones I've watched (for this blog) so far, and this is when the series takes the story angle I will always love it for. But it keeps getting better from here, folks!

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