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Dragon Ball ep 18 - The Turtle Hermit's Inte~nse Training


The whole of the martial arts world is deep in intense training and preparation for the coming Tenka-ichi Budokai - a tournament that Goku and Kuririn hope to enter in eight months time! Worn out from their early morning training, the boys hope to get a break for some breakfast. But not so fast! Their morning training comes first!

Their Morning Training consists of plowing the vast fields of their (mysterious) training island (volcano, jungle, desert, and vast fields with tillable soil? I love you, Dragon World.)... with their bare hands. The farmer who's lands they're plowing is pleased with their job, and getting the morning off to share a pipe with Roshi. Finally, if they can finish on time (they do, but barely), they get to have breakfast. Unfortunately for Goku, Kuririn, and Roshi, Kuririn puts a bit too much pepper on his meal, and causes Lunch (who has taken the role of Kame House Chef) to sneeze into Blonde Lunch.

Roshi decides they should eat-out, instead.

Their Post-Breakfast training is training of the mind; That is to say, academic work. Goku is not thrilled by the prospect of having to use his brain, but Kuririn is pleased for the opportunity to outshine Goku for once. Roshi starts by teaching them some Language lessons... by having Goku read the following: "'hee hee that tickles. don't. mama will soon be home you know.' said margaret. however, bob forced himself "... I wonder if Roshi uses a standardized syllabus?

After learning for a few hours, the boys and Roshi have lunch... with Lunch (who refrains from sneezing)! Then at 12:30PM til 1:30PM, it is nap time. "Move well, learn well, eat well, rest well - this is the Eternal Turtle School's training."

Their Afternoon training begins with Construction work. Something to get their muscles really moving, and earn some part time cash (Roshi manages to talk the Foreman into paying them for the wages of six men). It's at this point that we learn why Kuririn so desperately sought training from Kame Sen'nin. In his old dojo, Orin Temple, he was the runtiest monk, and the other monks used him as their punching bag. He vows to himself to defeat them at the Tenka-ichi Budokai..!!

Roshi vows to teach them martial arts only when they're strong enough to move this boulder.

Their Afternoon training concludes with them having to out swim sharks while swimming ten lapse in a lake (a shark infested lake)... and then dodge bees while tied to a tree.

Clearly, they've a long way to go.

And tomorrow Roshi promises for things to get even tougher, when the boys will don his signature weighted turtle shell!!

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