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Dragon Ball ep 22 - Yamcha Vs. Jackie Chun

Yamcha considers the mysterious Jackie Chun, as they face each other in the Tenka-ichi Budokai ring. Yamcha recalls how the old martial artist easily defeated all his preliminary opponents in a flash... all his senses heightened, Yamcha launches into a flurry of his wolf-style martial arts.

But Jackie Chun dodges him easily.
Then he summons a breeze with his ki.
And knocks Yamcha out of the ring without laying a finger on him.

So much for those months of training, eh?

Well, at least he didn't lose a tooth this time.

As the next match prepares to begin, Jackie Chun is ringside, hitting on Lanfang. Yamcha begins to wonder if he knows the old master... and whether or not he is secretly Muten Roshi in disguise! Upon making this realization, he reflects that Muten Roshi is an opponent he'd never have a chance of beating! ...As opposed to any of the other contestants? Face it, bro, it's episode 22, and you're already regulated to Series' Measuring Stick.

Meanwhile, Jackie Chun is wondering why Namu is so serious (and not excited to be facing a pichi pichi gal like Lanfang)... so he decides to read his mind.

Er, wrong episode...

And so we learn (through the eyes of Jackie Chun through the eyes of Namu) that Namu's village is plagued by drought... and that without the Tenka-ichi Budokai winnings, his village may starve and perish. Serious indeed, as Chun notes: "That explains why he doesn't fit into a 'gag anime'..."

As the match between Lanfang and Namu begins, Lanfang turns up her feminine charm to maximum (one could say it's over nine thou- *gets shot*), and uses it to exploit the serious Namu... unleashing a flurry of attacks on him. Getting flustered, Namu retaliates... so after getting hit, Lanfang falls to the ring floor and begins to cry crocodile tears (ie fake). The crowd (or most notably, Jackie Chun) turns on Namu. And is such until he's so embarrassed, that Lanfang exploits his weakness for women by hitting him square in the ribs...

Incensed, Namu swears not to fall for her tricks again, and to fight her as his mortal enemy! That's when Lanfang takes off all her clothes.

She walks him to the edge of the ring, where defeat is certain!
 So Namu closes his eyes, and uses his other senses to locate her...!
 And takes her out in a single blow!
"Are you okay? Are you okay?"
"Um... could you please not help yourself to touching the contestant?"

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