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Dragon Ball ep 23 - He's Here! The Mighty Foe, Giran

The fourth match of the Tenka-ichi Budokai, Son Goku vs. Giran, gets interrupted by rain before it can begin. So all the spectators and contestants go inside the Budo Temple until the storm lets up. Our heroes snag a table in the Temple's lounge-and-bar (y'know, like all Buddhism temples, they gotta get you fucked up), and discuss the coming match. Yamcha warns Goku about Giran's supposedly monstrous strength - he has won tournaments all over the world with his power. Goku is only more excited by the prospect, of course.

That's when Giran enters the bar (in his Clint Eastwood cosplay) and orders milk. Nearby Orin Temple monks laugh at the beast drinking his milk, citing that a tournament full of brats, a geezer, and a milk monster would be easy to win (suspiciously, the monk that Kuririn kicked the shit out of is absent) had they entered...

 Giran proceeds to beat the crap out of them, aiming to kill...
 That's when Yamcha intervenes to protect the unconscious monks...
And Goku steps between them, saying that he's supposed to fight Giran.

Jackie Chun breaks the fight up, reminding Giran that if the fight goes any further, he'll likely be disqualified. So like a classic scene out of WWE, they agree to settle things in the ring...

Giran begins their match using his signature, "Looky, looky, looky" technique.
...which Goku falls for.

Mr. Announcerman is certain that Goku is down for the count, but the smug look is wiped off Giran's face when Goku gets up as if nothing happened! "It ain't like nothing happened! That hurt a little bit!" Goku complains.

Goku retaliates by lunching into a flurry of attacks -
then channels Super Mario by tossing Giran out of the arena by his tail!

But Giran's wings are for more than show - "I don't lose by falling out of the ring!" he shouts, flying back to the ring to face Goku. That's when Giran decides to end the match, by using his Guru-Guru-Gum!!!

Unable to move or defend himself, Goku is helpless when Giran lifts him over his head, and tosses him out of the ring...!!! Panicked, Goku does the only thing he can think of... Call for Kinto Un! The magic flying cloud arrives in the nick of time, and carries Goku back to the ring. Giran objects, saying the Kinto Un shouldn't count, as everything Giran has used (his wings, his Guru-Guru-Gum) has come from his own body. The Chief Priest (woof) allows Goku's miraculous cloud, but only that once... so Goku will have to find a new way out of trouble next time!!

Giran cackles, preparing to toss Goku out of the ring again, but this time...?!

Goku's tail has mysteriously regrown, saving him from certain loss! Goku is happy to have his tail back (Yamcha, Bulma, Oolong, and Puar are not quite as enthusiastic), and he feels stronger than ever! Focusing his strength, Goku bursts free of the Guru-Guru-Gum, and tests out his new-found power by kicking apart the Budokai ring's wall.


Son Goku wins!!

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