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Dragon Ball ep 24 - Kuririn's Desperate Offensive and Defensive Battle

At the conclusion of the match between Son Goku and Giran, Mr. Announcerman brings out Kuririn so they had can interview the two mysterious boys who have done so well in the Tenka-ichi Budokai (and wear matching dogi). We discover that Kuririn (who is 13) is older than Goku (who is 12). Goku explains how he thought he was 14, but after learning math from Kame Sen'nin, he realized that 14 doesn't come after 11. After revealing that the boys were trained under Muten Roshi, Mr. A and the Budokai crowd are stunned to hear such a master trained them!

Then Goku shows everyone his butt.

It's at this point in the episode that Jackie Chun decides he wants the mic. Ladies and gentlemen, Jackie Chun-

Kuririn Vs. Jackie Chun...!

The fight starts with Kuririn going immediately on the offensive - swirling punches and furious kicks at the old master. Jackie Chun seems to easily dodge the first few attacks, but Kuririn's speed is too much for him to take lightly, and he has to use his hand to block Kuririn's final punch. He congratulates Kuririn on being so skilled (and settling the debate that Kuririn has always been stronger than Yamcha), and then hammers Kuririn with a punch so hard, as to send him flying! Lucky for Kuririn, he hits into the Budokai ring's gate. Goku shouts from the sidelines for Kuririn to watch more carefully, and he could see Jackie's punch. Refocusing his effort, Kuririn stands up and goes back on the offensive...!

And Kuririn keeps up with Jackie's speed, much to the old man's surprise (and.. pride?). "It's been a long time since anyone could keep up with my speed." Jackie Chun boasts. "Of course I can! I am a student of Muten Roshi-sama, after all!" And with that, the fighters launch at each other once more... and in another blinding flash, they're on opposite sides of the ring. Kuririn falls over, and the count takes place. With Goku's encouragement, however, Kuririn manages to stand up before the count reaches 10 seconds. More surprised than anyone, Mr. A stops the match and asks Jackie to explain what just happened. So, Jackie and Kuririn reenact their fight, in slow motion.

First, Jackie came at Kuririn with a flying kick. But Kuririn dodged under his leg, with a punch.
 Jackie retaliated by spitting at Kuririn's fist, so Kuririn pulled back not wanting to get spit on.
 Jackie tries to use the opening to throw his own punch, but Kuririn shoots boogers at him.
 So they both stopped to reconsider their strategies.
 At this point, they played Rock-Paper-Scissors.
 And then, Jackie told Kuririn to look over there.
 That's when he surprised Kuririn with a flying kick!
 And jumped to the place where he had landed, across the ring.
Kuririn did a flip to regain his balance, but ultimately fell over.
(And Yamcha watches the demonstration, taking notes.)

Mr. A thanks the two contestants for their skill and presentation, and then resumes the match. But this time, Kuririn has a trick up his sleeve...

 "Ah!! Pafu pafu!!"
 Kuririn sends Jackie Chun flying! And it seems like he has all but won, when...
Jackie Chun saves himself by employing the... Kamehameha?!

Everyone is shocked that this mysterious old fighter can use Kame Sen'nin's special attack. Kuririn's launches back at Jackie, a fury in his eyes... but Jackie Chun knows it's over, as Kuririn has become desperate, and thus careless. As Kuririn jumps at Jackie to take him out, Jackie uses the first After Image of the series... and takes out Kuririn in a single blow.

Jackie Chun wins!

Backstage, Yamcha attempts to prove that Jackie is really Muten Roshi in disguise - but when he attempts to take off Jackie's "wig", his hair stays put! But enough of that, next it's Son Goku and Namu's turn!!

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