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Dragon Ball ep 25 - Get Up, Goku! The Fearsome Tenku pekeji-ken

The battle between Namu and Son Goku, in the 6th round of the Tenka-ichi Budokai, gets underway this episode! Namu reflects on his drought-stricken village, his family, and why he must win. Goku's friends cheer for him on the sidelines. Mr. Announcerman starts the fight... and Goku decides to test out the After Image (Zanzoken) technique that Jackie Chun had used to beat Kuririn. Amazing Yamcha, Kuririn, and Jackie, Goku manages to do it... but more amazing still, Namu sees right through it and dodges! Namu retaliates with a kick, that Goku dodges, then Namu launches at Goku with a flurry of kicks that Goku blocks, and even returns with a few punches... but ultimately, Namu lands a kick, throwing Goku momentarily off-balance. But Goku returns by sweeping Namu's foot, then open-palming him square in the stomach, sending him flying!

 But Namu quickly recovers...
...and lands a swift blow to Goku's throat!

Goku is thrown over by Namu's attack, and Namu rushes at him, hoping to push him out of the ring now and end it - but Goku's tail wraps around Namu's leg and trips him easily! The contestants break apart, and Goku announces that he has just thought of a new technique! For this one, Goku spins very fast, and like a Top, hurls himself toward Namu. Unable to attack Goku due to his immense spinning speed, Namu is pressed against the corner of the ring... all but lost!!

But before then, Goku passes out from dizziness.

Seeing an opening to end the fight, Namu knows he cannot throw Goku out of the ring - his tail will take him out as he did before, he assumes - so he chooses to attack from the heavens!! Namu leaps high into the air, then crosses his arms and dives straight for Goku - the Tenku pekeji-ken! 

Namu says a short Buddhist prayer for Goku while mid-air, and after hitting him, assures Mr. A that he could never take a life, but Goku will not reawaken for 10 days. Mr. A begins the count, but before reaching 10 seconds, well...

Let's just say Namu was off by about... 10 days.
 So Namu launches himself back up into the air, hoping one more attack will win him the match...
 But Goku decides to jump up with him!
 And as they land, Goku throws a kick square into Namu's stomach!!
 Which sends him flying out of bounds!!!
Son Goku wins!!!

Though regretful he will not get the prize money to save his village, Namu congratulations Goku and wishes him best of luck on the upcoming match. Afterwards, Jackie Chun approaches Namu, and reveals two secrets: He is really Kame Sen'nin, entered the tournament to make sure his pupils still have something to aspire to, and that in the city, water is free.

In exchange for the empty Hoi Poi Capsule Roshi gives Namu (to be filled with water), Namu agrees to do him a favor.

Secret identity, kept.

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