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Dragon Ball ep 26 - The Final Round!! Kamehameha

The final round of the Tenka-ichi Budokai gets underway, with Master vs. Student, Jackie Chun (Muten Roshi in disguise) vs. Son Goku (Kakarotto in disguise?). Mr. Announcerman interviews the contestants before the match, hoping for a first-hand account of their fighting strategies; Goku tells him he's going to 'try his best', and Jackie is sleeping. Deciding better of it, Mr. A calls for the fight to begin! Jackie snaps awake, and lunges for Goku! But Son Goku launches straight into the air so quickly that Jackie swipes right under him! Not to be outdone, Jackie leaps back, and then throws a flying kick at the rapidly descending Goku...

A kick that connects and sends Goku flying!!! Jackie lands, flashing proud Peace Signs to the crowd, and Mr. A laments such a disappointing match for the Final Round.

But don't count Goku out yet!! 

Using his tail like a helicopter, Goku flies smoothly back into the ring to face Jackie, grinning. "I thought I might use the Kamehameha to fly, like you did, old man, but then I decided to save that for last!!" "How impudent of you!" And in his fury, Jackie almost lets his secret identity slip (luckily, Goku isn't the sharpest tack).

Jackie decides to show Goku what a real Kamehameha is like!!
But Goku is confident his Kamehameha can keep up!

The two fighters' Kamehameha get locked in combat, (the first Beam Struggle of the series!) much to the awe and surprise of the crowd and judges! But the power is simply too much, and both contestants are thrown backward as their beams explode!!! Jackie is incredibly surprised that Goku could successfully cancel out his own Kamehameha... and vows to think of a new strategy during the commercial break!

So Jackie uses a Double Zanzoken (two After Images in a row) to fool Goku -
And lands a powerful kick to Goku's back!
 But Goku counters with his own Triple Zanzoken!!!
And lands a devastating blow to Jackie's head!

But when Jackie shouts that Goku shouldn't do such a thing to his own Master, Goku finally becomes suspicious of the old man. "I figured it out!" Goku exclaims, "Old man, you're one of Kame Sen'nin's relatives, right?"

"The truth is, I'm his cousin!" (Very crafty)

Ready to end the fight, Jackie launches into a new technique...

The Sui-Ken (Zui Quan in Chinese, or Drunken Fist - I guess that makes Jackie Chun the Drunken Master, eh? Eh?), a style so ingrained in understanding the state of drunkenness, that Jackie is sure a minor like Goku could never imitate it! (Though, according to Goku, Son Gohan was a master of the Drunken Fist...) But Goku doesn't give up that easily...

 Goku employs the Monkey-Ken!
 A technique where Goku acts like, well, a monkey!

And his movements are too quick for Jackie to keep up with!!

Jackie, knowing he cannot beat Goku with normal techniques, begins some sort of mesmerizing ritual with his hands... but, that's where the episode ends!!!

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