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Dragon Ball ep 27 - Goku's Greatest Pinch!

Kame Sen'nin -- err, Jackie Chun, hoping to finally end the prolonged fight with his pupil, Son Goku, employs a hypnotic technique (the Yoiko minmin-ken)... which causes Goku to fall straight to sleep! Though Mr. Announcerman tells Jackie it's a disappointing ending to the Tenka-ichi Budokai's Final Round, he begins the count. Kuririn, Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong all try shouting for Goku, pleading for him to wake up. But it takes Bulma to finally snap Goku out of his daze!

"Son-kun! It's time for dinner!"
"Dinner? Where's dinner?"
"Son-kun! Once you win the match, I'll feed you until you're full!"
Thank Kami-sama she has rich parents.

Goku tells Jackie that's he going to win quickly, so he can go eat dinner. Jackie shouts that that's his line, just before Goku rushes at the old master. Goku uses the Jan-Ken (Rock-Paper-Scissors Fist, for those who don't remember that far back), but Jackie knows how to guard against it!! This surprises Goku, as it was Son Gohan's master technique! But Goku quickly rethinks his strategy, and cleverly --

 Shouts Paper, but uses Rock!
Knocking Jackie clean over!!

As Bulma squeezes him, even Oolong feels like a winner.

But Jackie Chun gets back up, and begins to use a technique that once defeated Son Gohan!
 The Bankokubikkuri-sho, an attack that takes ki, and converts it into pure electricity!!!

Goku withstands it for a long time (longer than Gohan did, by Jackie's account), refusing to say "Uncle" despite the urging of his friends and Jackie. But Goku's energy is finally spent, and he begins to give up, when...

Aw, fuck.

Goku once again becomes the mysterious and unstoppable Oozaru! And this time, in the middle of a match! He begins to wildly trash the ring, as the spectators flee for their lives (Mr. A sticks around because someone has to referee). Kuririn tries to reason with Goku, but Yamcha tells him it's no good - Goku turns into a monster whenever he sees the full moon. Yamcha rushes over to Puar (so he can save the day again, while Yamcha does something useless), when Jackie begins to charge a Max Power Kamehameha!


Yamcha tries to stop Jackie, to tell him he need only cut off Goku's tail... but it is too late. As the Kamehameha's blinding light clears, there's no sign of Son Goku... truly, Goku's greatest pinch...

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