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Dragon Ball ep 28 - Clash!! Power vs. Power

In the last episode, the Final Round of the Tenka-ichi Budokai nearly ended, when Oozaru Goku began to thrash the arena! But Jackie Chun (Muten Roshi in disguise) charged up a Max Power Kamehameha - and now there is no sight of Goku...

 ...oh, there he is. But how did Jackie...?
Ah. He exploded the moon.

And here I thought they had a mech hidden up there...

So Goku is back in the fight! Though he initially gets into stance while naked (setting off some shy girls in the crowd), Mr. Annoucerman (who is thoroughly upset about the moon being blown up) pauses the match so Kuririn can loan Goku his dogi. Suited up, the match resumes, and both contestants are ready to end the match and win!

 Unfortunate for Jackie, he's run out of ki...
 Goku takes advantage of the situation, launching his last Kamehameha!
 And then sends Jackie flying with a kick!!!

Jackie narrowly manages to keep himself from getting a ringout, by shoving his foot into the side of the ring... Both fighters utterly out of ki, Jackie suggests to Goku that they end the match with a contest of pure strength. Gentlemen, the insert song, if you please.

Deciding the best way to defeat Goku is by exploiting their size difference, Jackie engages Goku in a kick vs. kick... with Jackie's longer, adult legs winning out. But barely. Both fighters crash to the ring, causing a Double Knock out! But there are no ties in the Tenka-ichi Budokai, so the fighter who first stands up straight, and announces, "I won, man!" will be the winner.

 "I... I won... m-"
"I won, man!"

Jackie Chun wins the Tenka-ichi Budokai!!!

After getting up, Goku meets up with Kuririn and the two leave to find Kame Sen'nin. Roshi quickly changes out of his Jackie clothes and wig, and meets up with his pupils, telling them they did a great job, but there's always someone stronger out there! And their real training begins now!

"I sure did go through a lot of effort to tell them that..."

Finally, Roshi takes everyone out to dinner (with a fresh 500,000 zeni prize money in his pocket), telling everyone to eat their full! With the amount of helpings Goku has, however, the dinner ends up costing 470,000 zeni. Easy come, easy go, Roshi!

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