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Dragon Ball ep 29 - Another Adventure - The Wandering Lake

The 21st Tenka-ichi Budokai has officially ended, and our heroes are ready to go their separate ways. Muten Roshi tells Goku and Kuririn that they're ready to leave for their own training, as he as taught them everything he can. Goku says he'll go look for his grandpa's dragon ball, and Oolong is quick to say he's not going this time. So Goku resolves to go on his own. Kuririn, however, wants to stay at Kame Sen'nin's for more training, which is slightly disappointing to Roshi who had planned on spending lots of alone time with Lunch (sexy alone time)... but, he approves. Yamcha, Bulma, Puar, and Oolong head to Metro West, Kuririn and Kame Sen'nin back into Metro South for souvenirs, and Son Goku is off on Kinto Un... to find the dragon balls!

On their way back to Metro West, Bulma misplaces their airship Capsule, so they have to drive. But Yamcha forgets gas, so they get lost in the middle of the desert. Oolong tries to shade them by turning into an umbrella, but his five minute transformations are unreliable. In the end, Puar turns into a fan and that's about the only thing useful any of the B-cast does.

Puar: Once again, more useful than Yamcha.

Meanwhile, Kuririn is abandoned on the side of the road by Muten Roshi, 
 so that the old master can buy panties.
 He also attempts to get the 19-year-old staffer to try them on for him.
Rejection that comes with an erection.

Namu has returned to his village, and with him is all the water he stored in the Hoi Poi Capsule given to him by Kame Sen'nin. Unfortunately, the water won't last forever, and his village's river is still bone dry. So he makes a trek upstream, to find the cause of this mysterious drought... when he's kidnapped by a hungry dinosaur!

Lucky, lucky, Goku spots Namu, and saves him from the clutches of the dastardly dino!

The two Tenka-ichi contestants team up to find the source of the drought, and fly right into it! A massive dam, built to keep the water on the other side of the river, constructed entirely of... Guru Guru Gum?!

Boss Giran, of the (creatively named) Giran Clan.

Giran, in charge of the Guru Guru Gum dam, consents to reopen it if Goku can break the G.G.G.! Of course, if he had been paying attention during the episode he was featured in, he'd remember Goku can do that easily...!

A well-placed Kamehameha reopens the dam, and the river flows back into Namu's village! Everyone is saved and happy, and nothing goes bad ever again!! 

Oh. Right. Sandstorm.

A massive sandstorm hits (so much for going to Anchorhead to buy those Power Converters...) and dries up the river again. But thankfully, this episode wraps up nicely when we're all reminded of a legend of the Wandering Lake, which ... wanders. And it wanders close to Namu's village and everyone is saved. Again. Yay. (Thank god for the god in the machine.)

Except Yamcha, Bulma, Oolong, and Puar - who get sandstorm'd all the way back to Metro South. Probably because Yamcha sucks.

PS.- This episode's insert song,

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