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Dragon Ball ep 30 - Pilaf and the Mysterious Army

In this episode of Dragon Ball, Goku gets naked and flies around on Kinto Un. A bit of backstory; Goku is off on his quest to track down his grandfather's heirloom, the 4-star dragon ball. Equipped with Bulma's home-made Dragon Radar, he's flown to a village where the ball nearest Metro South is located. But when he stops to take a bath in a nearby lake, a vagrant boy steals Goku's clothes, Nyoibo, and Dragon Radar. Upon noticing, Goku calls for Kinto Un and flies around the tree lined lake, and shouts for Nyoibo to extend, which results in him finding his stuff.

Vagrant boy. He used to work in Real Estate, poor chap.

Unfortunately for Goku, the kid manages to make away with his unique, one-of-a-kind Dragon Radar, and rushes into town to sell it. The local antique store owner gives him 200 Zeni for it (neither can figure out what it does, but both decide on its value as impressive), and then shoos the kid off... He's got a customer...!

That's right, Pilaf is back, baby.

Pilaf has come to the village for the same reason as Goku - the dragon balls. Pilaf still hasn't given up on his dream to rule the world (and outlaw farting and public urination), and it has been one year and fifteen days since Oozaru Goku rampaged on Pilaf's Castle and Oolong got a dragon's panties. So when the antique shop owner tells him about his special, wish granting orb known as a dragon ball... well, Pilaf gladly forks over the cash for it. And what are the chances! It's the 4-star-ball! What other coincidences may befall our little blue Emperor today???


Goku tracked down the hobo kid, and with a little Nyoibo "enhanced interrogation techniques", he fessed up to selling it to the antique shop. So Goku went to the antique shop. And there's Pilaf. With Son Gohan's dragon ball. Needless to say, the chase is on.

Strangely, however, the further away from the village Goku gets, even as he chases down Pilaf, the further from the dragon ball the radar tells him he is... and Pilaf's radar tells him the same thing! That's when Pilaf drops the 4-star-ball and it shatters - revealing it as a fake!!! 
Back at the village, a mysterious army has arrived, searching houses and shops, and only asking for one thing... dragon ball.

Colonel Silver, of the mysterious military unit, isn't fooled by the antique shop owner's fake dragon balls. But the shop owner (who denies ever have even seen a dragon ball before - though he reproduces them so well?) isn't lying about one thing... he doesn't have the dragon ball!

Some birds on his roof have it.
 And after Silver shoots the shop owner dead,
Momma bird flies off with it... the 6-star-ball!

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