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Dragon Ball ep 31 - Yikes! A Fake Goku Appears!

While on his quest to recover Son Gohan's 4-star dragon ball, Son Goku pursues Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai in their impressive Air Base (seriously, who finances Pilaf?)... and when Pilaf falls from the window (after opening it for the second time, despite protests from Shuu in the last episode) it puts him in a position to barter with Goku. Of course, the 4-star-ball in Pilaf's possession is a fake!! (and broken) So in exchange for his life, Pilaf happily gives Goku the fake dragon ball, and then quickly turns around to go after the real one -- headed in the opposite direction... and being hotly pursued by the Red Ribbon Army!

Colonel Silver, of the RR Army (no relation to Spike Spiegel)

Closely monitored by the shadowy Commander Red, Silver and his soldiers followed the mother bird clutching the 6-star-ball in her talons. Unfortunately, she wasn't watching where she was going, and gets swallowed by a giant pterodactyl, dragon ball and all. And before the boys in Red can do anything to shoot the dino down, a giant rock gets flung at it... knocking the pterodactyl down to the earth, to become Gyumao's dinner! (You remember Gyumao, riiiiight?)

Chichi is love sick. She longs for the return of Son Goku, who had (er, more or less) promised to take her hand in marriage. Gyumao (who has turned the remains of Mt. Frypan into a prosperous and peaceful village) can't stand to see his daughter so morose, and so they consult the village's (somewhat spotty) fortune teller. She divines (er, more or less) that Goku will be approaching them soon, and so Gyumao begins to plan their wedding with the villagers! Part of that wedding is a banquet. And part of that banquet is the giant pterodactyl with the 6-star-ball inside of it!

Finding out about the wedding and hidden dragon ball, Pilaf devises a plan to infiltrate the wedding...

And Shuu is not happy about it.
"I can't marry someone I've never seen before..."

Chichi is down by the lake when the "fake Goku" arrives, picking flowers to give to her future husband. The real Goku, meanwhile, loses the shattered and fake dragon ball in the wind. But being Goku, he decides to halt his pursuit to get something to eat. And at a little apple tree by a lake, he sees Chichi picking flowers, and he gives her an apple. The d'awwww levels of this scene are at maximum.

But trouble rolls into Mt. Frypan...

 But Gyumao isn't known for taking anyone's shit.
So he promptly fucks their army up.

Colonel Silver fires a blinding adhesive at Gyumao's face, which slows down the powerful giant. Then they fire a net at him, demobilizing him. But off in at a distant flower patch, Son Goku and Chichi see the smoke rising from Mt. Frypan... and so they hop onto Kinto Un, and fly toward the trouble. But it may be all for naught, as Pilaf has managed to steal the dragon ball!!!

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