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Dragon Ball ep 32 - Vanished?! The Flying Fortress In The Sky

Goku and Chichi fly toward Mt. Frypan on Kinto Un, concerned for Gyumao's well being (that's a lot of pronouns). But flying passed them - leaving Mt. Frypan in a hurry - is Pilaf's Air Fortress! And tailing Pilaf is Colonel Silver! Instead of going after Pilaf (and the dragon ball), however, Goku and Chichi fly to Mt. Frypan's village... which has been all-but leveled by the Red Ribbon Army. So Goku and Chichi beat the crap out of them, and rescue Gyumao.

Gymao assumes the attack was his fault - some of the many people he had wronged in the past, coming for retribution. He apologizes to Goku for ruining his meal - but Goku would remember having a feast! That's when Goku comes to the conclusion that Pilaf infiltrated Mt. Frypan as him to steal the dragon ball!! He informs Gyumao that he's after Son Gohan's momento, the 4-star-ball, and in a flash (well, after eating as much food as Gyumao has left...) he takes off on Kinto Un after Pilaf!

 "Where are you going, Goku?! What about our wedding?"
"I'll come back later, then we can eat it!"
"Goku! A wedding isn't food!"
Too late, Chichi. Poor dear.

Red Ribbon soldiers comb the desert.
"We ain't found shit!"

The Red Ribbon Army, as led by Colonel Silver, tailed Pilaf into a desert... at which point the flying fortress has vanished! Assuming Pilaf had ditched the dragon ball (though Colonel Silver thinks this is unlikely...), they attempt to search it out in the sand... but it's a trap! The sand is actually quicksand! And when the soldiers sink in, they end up in a familiar room...

Colonel Silver contacts RR HQ to request backup, having lost so many of his mean to Pilaf's trap. But Pilaf's own trap is about to work against him when Son Goku arrives!! And... pees on their security camera (which makes Mai blush). Pilaf drops Goku into a trap room, hoping to execute him once and for all. But Goku uses a Kamehameha (which, post-Roshi training, easily makes a hole in the room big enough for him to escape) and rushes after Pilaf!! "That's absurd!" Pilaf rightly states... And with Goku on the loose in his fortress, and the Red Ribbon Army attacking from above, things look grim for the Great King Pilaf...

"We're running away, aren't we?" -Shuu
"Don't ask if you already know..." -Pilaf

The chase, however, is on.

Team Pilaf are certain they've escaped, but the Red Ribbon army are serious business.

 Pilaf's Fortress in blown out of the sky...
...and Colonel Silver gets the dragon ball!

But where is Son Goku?!

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