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Dragon Ball ep 33 - Legend of the Dragon

Back at Kame House, Kuririn continues a harsh training regiment under Muten Roshi. After 999 of the type of pushups pictured above, Kuririn's arms give out and he needs a break. Roshi begins to scold him, but Lunch calls out for a snack break. Inside the house, they all enjoy a giant dish of ice cream, except for Kuririn, who remains focused on his recent failure. The conversation gets around to Goku, and to his hunt for the Dragon Balls. Roshi, at the request of Kuririn, tells them the legend of the mystical balls...

and this image song plays...

 "This is only a legend and nothing more, but it is said that the Dragon Balls were originally one big ball."
 "Long ago, when even humans were honest, the gods blessed the people by bestowing upon them the Dragon Ball. And they continued to wish for peaceful times."
 "But evil eventually sprouted within the hearts of humans. The people used the Dragon Ball for their own selfish reasons, and soon wars began to break out all over."
 "This angered the gods. The gods divided the Dragon Ball into 7, and scattered them throughout the world, so that no one could use them recklessly any more."
 "But there were actually some who obtained tremendous power by gathering all 7 balls..."

 "What would you wish for, Kame Sen'nin?"
 "Hehehehahaha, who? me?" 
("I would want to see your panties, Lunch, but I can't say that...")

Meanwhile, Colonel Silver meets with Commander Red, boss of the Red Ribbon Army. He is pleased with the Colonel's work in obtaining the 6-star Dragon Ball, but reminds him that they are useless without all seven. With two in his possession, Commander Red seeks the other five... and sends Silver out to find them. Or else. (dun dun duuuuunnnn)

But when the RR Army arrive, some monkeys had found the Dragon Ball first (the 5-star ball).
And when they rush off with it, Silver gives the order to burn the forest down, smoke the monkeys out, and take the Dragon Ball.

But guess who has survived the explosion of Pilaf's Flying Fortress, came to this same forest to find the same Dragon Ball, and made friends with the monkeys (after they fed him copious amounts of fruit, as reward for saving one of their young monkeys from a mountain lion)? If you guessed Yamcha, oh boy are you wrong.

Son Goku: Environmentalist.

Goku uses his incredible strength to easily overpower the Red Ribbon soldiers (and chuck a boulder at a tank, demolishing it), and attracts the attention of Colonel Silver...

 They face each other down, Silver announcing that beating a kid won't satisfy him.

Then the baby and momma monkey (who Goku rescued earlier) rush by the boy and man, the baby monkey clutching the Dragon Ball. Goku chases after them, but Silver is too quick. The Colonel takes a sniper from one of his men, and fires at the monkeys...! However, the bullet only breaks a tree branch, sending the monkeys falling into a canyon below...

And Son Goku saves them in the nick of time!! The Dragon Ball, however, falls directly into the ravine below...

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