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Dragon Ball ep 7 - Mt. Frypan's Gyumao

"...she felt now that she had been kicked there, her only choice was to become this boy's wife!"

The Dragon Ball Trio, Son Goku, Bulma, and Oolong, closely tailed by Yamcha and Puar, finally arrive at Mt. Frypan. Oolong attempts to make one last escape, rather than face the demon lord Gyumao, but Bulma's PP Candy renders his plans futile. Mt. Frypan is entirely encased in flame (much to the chagrin of Gyumao), so Bulma sends Goku on his Kinto Un to the top of the mountain, to retrieve Gyumao's dragon ball. Unfortunately, the fire is too hot even for Kinto Un to withstand, and our heroes are caught... by Gyumao!!

Meanwhile, Yamcha and Puar run into a strange girl running from a t-rex. While crying, she manages to decapitate and blow up the t-rex... which impresses the bandit pair. But when she turns her helmet laser on the two of them, Yamcha takes the girl out in a single swing.

Puar is surprised by Yamcha. "You seem to be just fine around girls like that." "Yeah. 'Cuz I'm not a lolicon." Indeed, Yamcha. Indeed.

Goku and Gyumao engage in a rather one-sided battle. No matter what Goku does, it won't effect the hardy Gyumao. But when Gyumao recognizes Goku's Kinto Un and Nyoibo, and finds out that Goku got them from Kame Sen'nin and Son Gohan, and is Gohan's grandson, Gyumao's mood changes. He was a pupil under Muten Roshi, along side Gohan, and is grateful to hear the master is still alive. He promises Goku his dragon ball if Goku can take his Kinto Un to get the Basho Fan from the turtle hermit - so that he may put out the fires of Mt. Frypan. Gyumao also asks Goku to pick up his daughter, Chichi, along the way.


Gyumao then offers Chichi's hand in marriage to Goku. Yamcha and Puar, alarmed at finding out that girl they left unconscious in the middle of wilderness is the fierce Gyumao's daughter, decide to go back to find her. Yamcha wakes her up, and apologizes for hurting her... and tells her that he secretly loves her. Despite his missing tooth, Chichi is flattered and embarrassed by the confession... even though Yamcha runs off as soon as Goku arrives on Kinto Un.

Goku tells Chichi about her father's new plan to send them both to Kame Sen'nin, on Kinto Un, to get the Basho Fan, and Chichi happily climbs onto the "cotton candy-like cloud". But in doing so, she grabs Goku's tail... and Goku loses all his strength!!! Yamcha grins, watching from the shadows... Son Goku's weakness, revealed?!

Chichi and Goku fly away on Kinto Un, and as is natural to Goku by now, he lightly kicks her crotch so he can identify that she doesn't have a wiener and is a girl. She is flustered and pushes him off the Kinto Un, but decides that she must marry Goku.

Man, I love Dragon Ball.

Finally, the episode ends with Goku and Chichi arriving at their destination...

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