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Dragon Ball ep 8 - Kame Sen'nin's Kamehameha

Chichi and Goku arrive at Kame House, the little pink home, on a small island, in the middle of the ocean, that belongs to Gyumao and Son Gohan's master, Muten Roshi. (If you'll recall, the kids are trying to get the Basho Fan from the turtle hermit, so that they can put out the fires engulfing Mt. Frypan - where the next dragon ball is hidden.) But Chichi is suspicious of the funny old man, and wants to test to make sure he is really the legendary Kame Sen'nin... When his back is turned (and he's contemplating the punability of Chichi's name), Chichi throws her helmet blade at him... "If you're really him, you should be able to dodge this...!"

Then Roshi shows Chichi his driver's license, to prove he's really Kame Sen'nin.

They explain that they need the Basho Fan, and Roshi says he'll gladly lend it to them, but he has a condition... he takes Goku aside, and tells him that if he lets them use the Basho Fan, he wants to poke Bulma's boobs.

"What's with that condition, turtle hermit-sama?!" -Turtle
"Don't give me that! Can't an old man with time running out have some fun before departing?" -Roshi
"Departing?! What are you talking about?! You drank a potion that gave you eternal life!" -Turtle
"That's got nothing to do with this!" -Roshi

Goku has no problem with the condition, (this will come back in the Buu Saga) so Roshi happily collects the Basho Fan... or he would, if he hadn't spilled soup on it and thrown it out. But never fear! Roshi agrees to go along with them to Mt. Frypan, and personally extinguish the flames. When they arrive, Bulma, Oolong, and Chichi are skeptical whether he can clear the fire... but Gyumao has faith in his master's Kamehameha! The Kamehameha is Kame Sen'nin's signature technique, which gathers the body's latent energy, and fires it off in a giant beam of pure ki! Even Yamcha watches from the sideline, in awe that he will witness that fabled attack...

The attack is so powerful, it levels Mt. Frypan... !

Chichi and Gyumao are ecstatic to have their home back (even though it's in rubble...)... and Goku wants to learn the turtle hermit's technique for himself! Kame Sen'nin smiles and tells Goku that it takes fifty years of hard training to use the Kamehameha. So Goku does it on his first try.

Roshi is amazed by Goku, and upon discovering the boy is Son Gohan's grandson, offers to take him in as his newest pupil. Goku agrees to it, but not until after he's done hunting for the dragon balls. Bulma finds the 7 star ball, Gyumao gives the DB trio a new car, Chichi proposes to Goku, and Yamcha resolves to continue following them. It all wraps up nicely...

"Forgetting something? Our agreement, for example?" -Roshi

Bulma still has to let Roshi grope her, as per their arrangement. Not wanting to personally get felt up, Bulma threatens Oolong with PP Candy diarrhea if he doesn't transform into her and take her place. Oolong is disgusted by the prospect, but gets his little revenge...

Pafu pafu

PS - Though there's a lot of content in this episode about breasts, Dragon Ball episode 8 is the first episode of Dragon Ball not to possess a visual or off camera reference to sexual organs. Keeping it classy, Dragon Ball.


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