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Dragon Ball ep 9 - The Rabbit Boss's Special Technique

The Boss Rabbit episode.

No, no, not that rabbit.

That's the one.

So our heroes are headed west to find the final, 1 star dragon ball. We know that Pilaf has it (though our heroes are completely oblivious to this fact), and Pilaf's castle is well out in the boonies. The mushroom boonies. Having let their gas tank stretch, the DB trio have to stop for a refueling... and when they stop in a remote town, the citizens seem to react rather strangely to them... Bulma in particular.

Everyone seems more than willing to keep her happy... that is, until she changes out of her bunny costume. That's when the town's local menace is revealed...

The Rabbit Gang

The rabbit gang (two members of, at least) relish in picking on the townies. They amuse themselves by kicking over apple crates and children until they spot Bulma. Then they decide to try to take advantage of her. So Goku beats the crap out of them. 

Son Goku: The ultimate rape whistle

But the town has far from a positive reaction to Goku's vigilantly justice. When the thugs call for their boss, the townies take enough time to curse at the DB trio, then rush inside their homes and shops.... just how frightening is Boss Rabbit?

He'll turn you into a fucking carrot.

Yes, Boss Rabbit's special technique is turning everything that touches him into a carrot. Like the Midas Touch, only full of vitamins. Though Goku could easily beat up Boss Rabbit with his trusty Nyoibo, Boss Rabbit threatens to eat the Bulma-carrot if Goku fights back. Luckily, Yamcha is there (boy, that's the last time I'm going to type that in this blog) and he and Puar manage to steal back the Bulma-carrot... leaving Goku open to give Boss Rabbit the headache of a lifetime.

Goku tells Boss Rabbit that he'll spare his life if he returns Bulma to normal. He does, and Goku spares Boss Rabbit's life, as promised... after taking him to the moon, on his Nyoibo.

No... the actual moon.

PS - Next time you're in an argument about Goku vs. Superman, and they tell you Superman can simply crush Goku's lungs by flying him to space, remember to point of this particular bit of canon.

"Well, piss, I'm out of ideas..."

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