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FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS - Jackie Chun Vs. Kuririn!

As a fan of Friday Night Fights for, heck, years now, I've decided to throw my own hat into the ring! "But Biba Sen'nin, this is a DRAGON BALL BLOG?" And my entries will be (for now?) from Dragon Ball!

The rules from this theme (Repeat Rehash Revenge) state I need to reuse the characters, but from different chapters. As a self-imposed rule, I'll only be using fights from the Tenka-ichi Budokai!

Dragon Ball (Kanzenban Edition)
by Akira Toriyama
Chapter 42 - A Great Offensive-Defensive Battle!
(this comic is read from Right to Left.)

It's Master Vs. Student as Kame Sen'nin (disguised as the mysterious Jackie Chun) does battle with his pupil, Kuririn! What sort of trick does the wily Kuririn have up his sleeve....???
Jackie Chun, undone by underwear!

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