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Dragon Ball ep 34 - The Heartless Red Ribbon

A storm comes down upon the ravine where the 5-star Dragon Ball had fallen, and halts both Goku's and the Red Ribbon Army's search for it. At day break, the RR Soldiers (with strict encouragement from Colonel Silver) resume their seemingly aimless sifting of the land where the ravine and storm might have taken it - their HQ's Dragon Radar not being very accurate. So imagine their surprise when a young boy (Goku) waltzes up, picks up the Dragon Ball with little seeking, and makes to leave with it?

The negotiations were short.

The RR Goons manage to radio Silver as Goku takes off on Kinto Un with the 5-star ball, and so Silver takes aim with his rocket launcher... and blows up Kinto Un! He asks Goku how he managed to find the Dragon Ball so easily, figuring that he must have a better radar device than they do. Goku refuses to answer his questions until he apologizes for blowing up Kinto Un. So Silver launches an attack on Goku!!

The negotiations were short.

Goku checks his radar (disappointed that the Dragon Ball he had found was the 5-star, but hoping the next will be his Grandpa's) and sees he needs to go far north. But without Kinto Un, Goku resorts to looting some of Silver's Hoi Poi Capsules. The first capsule he tries, lucky enough, is a robot... which not only helps him figured out which capsule is an airplane, but can pilot the plane as well! (Yay plot devices!)

But upon reaching the far north of the world, the Red Ribbon robo's circuits freeze... and Goku crash lands into the snowy mountains... And the Red Ribbon army are already there, searching for the Dragon Ball!

Meanwhile, at the Red Ribbon HQ, Commander Red and his assistant, Black, observe the Dragon Ball they sent Colonel Silver after flying north... toward Muscle Tower, the Red Ribbon base of operations of General White. They urgently radio Silver, who gives them the report of the child who had so easily found the Dragon Ball and toppled their defenses. And then they contact White, to inform him to be on the look out for the same boy...

But someone else has already found him...!!

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