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Dragon Ball ep 35 - Suno, Girl of the North

Son Goku is saved from the freezing northern weather by a 10-year-old girl named Suno. Suno brings Goku back to her house in Jingle Village, where she and her mother nurse him back to warmth. Upon waking up, they ask Goku why he was out in the snow, and he tells them about the Dragon Balls... but they know all about them!! The Red Ribbon Army's northern base, known as Muscle Tower, has utterly suppressed the people of Jingle Village - forcing their men to search for the Dragon Ball, under threat that they will kill the Village Chief, who is a hostage in the tower, should they fail to comply.

So Goku tells Suno and her mother that he'll beat up the Red Ribbon Army for them, and save the Village Chief. They (like normal, sane people) don't think this is a good idea. Then two Red Ribbon goons come knocking, looking for Goku in the village (and more importantly, the 5-star ball and Dragon Radar), and begin to open fire with several rounds of machine gun bullets when they discover him.

The negotiations were short.

After treating the RR soldiers to a merry round of knocking them the fuck out, Goku promises Suno and her mother that he'll be back with their Village Chief soon, and that he's leaving to go beat up the rest of them.

 "I wonder if we'll ever see him again..."
"I-I'm back..."

Suno loans Goku some of her winter wear, and he's off again!

And with his trusty Nyoibo at his side, Goku makes fairly quick work of the Muscle Tower guards.

But despite making it to Muscle Tower, the cruel General White, leader of the Red Ribbon base, is most certain Goku won't be able to make his way through the tower so easily...

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