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Dragon Ball ep 36 - The Terror of Muscle Tower

Son Goku enters Muscle Tower (on the second floor), to the taunting and jeering of General White (over the tower's radio) and his soldiers. The soldiers ask if they can kill the kid who was so brazen to break into their stronghold, and White gives them the greenlight. Now I know we all know what happens when a group of thugs says they're going to kill Goku - but that doesn't make it any less entertaining to see.

General White and Sergeant Major Murasaki (Muscle Tower guard of the 4th floor [name pun meaning purple]) watch Goku progress with impressed interest. Though Murasaki is quite certain Goku cannot possibly make it to the top of the tower, he is intrigued to hear this boy defeated Colonel Silver. And as our hero makes his way to the 3rd floor, both men are eager to see the guard - the fearsome Sergeant Metallic - do some real damage to the troublesome child.

Sergeant Metallic is perfectly aware that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile; which is precisely why he frowns.

Goku is barely as tall as Metallic's boot. Being more impressed than scared, Goku waits for (okay, more like stares gaping at) the Sergeant to make the first move. He punches downward, and Goku dodges easily. Now Goku's excited!

"Village Chief! I'm coming to save you, hold on!"

Getting up from being knocked down by Goku's powerful face-punch, Metallic wraps his giant hands around our hero's small body, and begins to squeeze! White and Murasaki are certain, from their view at the tower's security camera, that Goku is done for! But Goku summons his strength and breaks free from Metallic's titan grip!!!

"Alright! This time I'll give you all I got!"

But when Metallic gets up again, Goku is utterly shocked! "You should've entered the Tenka-ichi Budokai!"

But the truth behind Metallic's unflinching body is about to reveal itself!!
("Look aliens"? Foreshadowing..? In my DB? It's more likely than you think.)

Metallic (who is a robot, natch) launches a rocket at Goku, and it seems to blow our hero up! At least, White, Murasaki, and Metallic think so. But we still have 500+ episodes and movies to go! Goku dodged the rocket at the last moment, then decides to counterattack with a Kamehameha!!

 Momentarily, Goku wonders if he went too far, stunned by the maimed body of Sergeant Metallic.

But then he gets rocket punched. Metallic (or what is left of him) goes on an all-out offensive, throwing punch after punch at Goku, with our hero having little time to do anything other than dodge. Finally, Goku unsheathes his Nyoibo and fights back. But despite breaking through Metallic's chest with Nyoibo, causing his other arm to backfire, and even throwing himself head-first through Metallic's stomach... nothing seems to stop the giant robot Sergeant!

Well, until his battery dies.

"We haven't changed it since last spring..."

Onward to the 4th floor!!

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