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Dragon Ball ep 38 - Be Afraid!! The Split-Image Technique

 Suno and her mother are setting up that evening's supper, when Suno notices how late its gotten. She wonders aloud about whether or not Son Goku has been captured in Muscle Tower. Her mother reassures her, saying he will be fine, and not to think so pessimistically. Just then, the latch at their front door opens...

Suno's father enters, having finally come home from a long day of searching for the Dragon Ball (under the thumb of the Red Ribbon Army). After he tells his wife that the Dragon Ball still hasn't been found, Suno asks him if he's heard any rumors about Muscle Tower. He's confused, so Suno explains about Goku's self imposed mission to rescue the Village Chief. Her father does not share Suno and her mother's optimism about Goku's chances, however...

A monster lives inside Muscle Tower, he explains. The monster is neither man or creature, locked away, lamenting its capture. "Night after night, eerie wailing can be heard coming from the tower... They say that a monster that lost its freedom grows increasingly angry as each day passes. If attacked by such a monster, a single human child would have absolutely no chance at all..." Suno begins to cry, and her mother comforts her, and her father says that they should pray for his safety...

Meanwhile, much to the chagrin of Murasaki and General White, Goku recovers from the sneak attack to the back of the head with little more than a headache and a slightly raised temper. Murasaki remarks that Goku's head must be made of diamonds. Then Goku jumps up, and charges angrily at the hapless ninja, who runs away without any hesitation. He attempts to toss shurikens at Goku, but Goku merely dodges them, picks them up, and uses them against Murasaki. Murasaki tries to block the flying ninja stars with the mats from his house, but he runs out of mats...

Murasaki runs away from Goku again, this time putting water shoes on, and treading across the lake. He mocks Goku, saying he can't get across the water, as there are piranha in it! (and then he has to explain to Goku what piranha are...)

So Goku jumps across the lake with ease. "Yo!" "A-are you a frog or something?!" At this point, Goku asks Murasaki if he wants to fight or surrender. Murasaki, in a rage, promises to show Goku the ultimate ninja technique...!! The Split-Image Technique!

The five ninja "clones" team up against Goku, who can't figure out which is the real one, at first. Then he notices two of them talking together, and the five Murasakis reveal that they're actually quintuplets. "Now that ferocity I possessed alone has suddenly increased 5-fold, all you can do is die, kid!" "You sure talk big! You were never that fierce to begin with!"

Using Zanzoken (After Image Technique) to fool the five Murasaki bros. with real Split-Images, Goku easily dispatches four of them... leaving only the first brother, Sergeant Major Murasaki, left to deal with Goku. He runs. A lot.

 And unleashes his final defense... Jinzoningen #8!
The monster of Muscle Tower revealed?!

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