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Dragon Ball ep 39 - The Mysterious Jinzoningen #8

The monster of Muscle Tower is revealed... Jinzoningen #8 
(Cyborg #8, Android #8, Robot #8, etc)

Sergeant Major Murasaki is confident that Son Goku will finally meet his end at the hands of #8. He cackles, mocking Goku, as #8 easily breaks out of his chains, revealing a great strength... "Eliminate him!" Murasaki shouts. "No." 8 responds, simply. Then 8 goes onto explain that he abhors violence and people who do bad things. Goku smiles at the jinzoningen, taking a shine to him. But Murasaki and General White are hardly pleased!

Murasaki cruelly explains to #8 that within him is a bomb, capable of blowing him into scraps if he chooses not to obey the Red Ribbon Army. He tauntingly takes out the controller, finger hovering over the button. But 8 refuses still, and braces himself for the end.

So Goku fucks some shit up.
And uses the Janken-Rock to knock Murasaki the fuck out.

Goku introduces himself to Jinzoningen #8 (and notes how complicated the cyborg's name is), before he heads off to the next floor of Muscle Tower. And this floor has a foe that Goku cannot beat!!!

A Maze!

So #8 joins him, offering to help Goku through the labyrinth in return for Goku's rescuing of his life earlier. 8 assures Goku that he has seen a map of Muscle Tower before, so he should get them through safely. Around this time, Goku decides Jinzoningen #8 is just too complicated of a name, so he starts calling the cyborg Hachan (as in Hachi-go, or eight, combined with the Japanese honorific -chan).

Hachan is happy with his new name.

Despite General White's best efforts, Hachan figures out the trick to the maze,
White's computer effected a revolving wall, keeping Goku from ever finding the exit!

But the cruel General White has one last trick up his sleeve! When Goku and Hachan come to his office, asking him to surrender the Village Chief, a trap door into a hidden room opens beneath them...

What horrors await our heroes yet in Muscle Tower?!

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