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Dragon Ball ep 41 - The End of Muscle Tower

General White isn't ready to give up the Village Chief of Jingle Village to Goku, thereby ending the Red Ribbon Army's search for the Dragon Ball in that area. He knows the kid is strong, but also that he spent a lot of energy fighting Buyon... so White hedges his bets and (despite fervent protests from Hachan) readies for a fight against Goku.

The fight doesn't go well for him.

After getting humiliated by Goku for a couple minutes, White finally discovers an opening he can exploit -- and he grabs Goku's tail! This causes our hero to lose his powers, and leaves him at White's mercy. So White throws him around the room for a bit. But far from finishing Goku off, it only causes him to fly into a fury that nearly kills White in the ensuing retaliation!

But Hachan intervenes at the right moment, talking Goku down from his furious assault. Goku is skeptical, but agrees with Hachan's intentions, so he settles for allowing White to surrender. And the Red Ribbon General gives all appearances of surrendering... taking Goku and Hachan to the room where the Village Chief is held prisoner, and letting him out. Things seem like they've all worked out, and ended on a peaceful note... but White is a sneaky guy!

White puts his Powered Gun (like a regular gun, but it has two barrels, it's twice as deadly) to the Village Chief's head, and threatens to blow his brains out unless Hachan does as he asks. He commands the Jinzoningen to do as he was programmed -- and kill Son Goku! But Hachan cannot do it, and cowers in fear as White berates him. Goku finally shouts for White to stop harassing Hachan, and White asks Goku if he'll listen to him instead. Goku reluctantly agrees, and White tells him to turn around. Then he shoots Goku in the back with his Powered Gun, utterly knocking him out!!!

Hachan does not approve.

Goku turns out to be relatively fine, though utterly out of energy. So Hachan, Village Chief, and Goku leave Muscle Tower... and as they walk away, Hachan punches the tower's foundation away, leaving the once great monument of the Red Ribbon's power to crumble into the natural landscape. It's daybreak, and Suno is baking bread when she and her parents notice the Village Chief has returned!! And Goku rushes to meet them!

And eat all the bread.

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