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Dragon Ball ep 42 - Imminent Danger!! Go for it, Hachan

After the fall of Muscle Tower, Goku, Hachan, and the Village Chief of Jingle Village are treated to a home cooked meal, courtesy of Suno's mother. Suno's father wonders where the Dragon Ball might be, and Hachan reveals that he had the Dragon Ball the entire time (the 2-star ball). He found it and hid it away from the Red Ribbon Army, knowing of their plans to murder the villagers after they found the ball. Goku and Hachan are lauded as heroes, and the Village Chief offers them a home with he and his wife. Goku declines, saying that the 2-star ball isn't the Dragon Ball he's looking for. Hachan, while visibly touched at being accepted amongst humans as an equal, declines as well... as he'll never know when the bomb inside him will explode.

So the Village Chief suggests he seek out Professor Frappe, an anti-social but kindly scientist who lives alone in the mountains. Though he isn't always agreeable, he has a liking for Suno, and so she agrees to go with Hachan. Goku decides to go as well, and soon discovers the Dragon Radar isn't working, so he plans to ask Professor Frappe to fix it, too. So after breakfast, the three get dressed and head into the mountains.

But somebody else is watching them...

Sergeant Major, Ninja Murasaki watches from the shadows, spying on our heroes as they traverse the snow toward Frappe's mountain home.

However, his tree disguise backfires when Goku pees on his legs.

"I won't let that brat get away with this any more!" Murasaki vows! He proceeds to follow them through the snow...

 Hachan's heavy body causes the ice lake they're crossing to crack slightly,
which sends Murasaki under when he steps on it.

 Then Murasaki disguises himself as a bear, so he can follow our heroes more closely.
But the clumsy design of the costume causes him to snow ball down hill and crash into a tree.

Oh, Murasaki, will you ever learn?

Finally, our heroes arrive at Professor Frappe's house, and upon seeing his dear Suno-chan, he allows the trio into his home.

Frappe thanks them for taking out the Red Ribbon Army, and agrees to help out Hachan. At this point, Goku falls asleep on Frappe's couch, having not slept since nearly freezing to death. Frappe leaves to find Goku a blanket, but is met by a familiar face -- familiar to us and to Frappe!

 Murasaki! And he blames Frappe for the defeat at Muscle Tower!
...as it was Professor Frappe who created Jinzoningen #8!

"But wait wait wait, I thought Dr. Gero created the Jinzoningen, Biba?"
Well yeah... As this handy chart explains.
But this is a filler episode, so just go with it.

Anyway. Professor Frappe totally created Hachan, and Murasaki blames him for making such an inferior product. He threatens to kill Frappe unless he steals the Dragon Balls from Goku. Frappe isn't willing to comply, until Suno checks on Frappe -- and Murasaki turns his malevolence on her!

With Suno as Murasaki's hostage, Professor Frappe agrees...
And steals from Son Goku!

But as Frappe delivers the knapsack to Murasaki, Suno lets out a scream -- which sends Hachan barreling down the house, straight into Murasaki! Murasaki escapes through Frappe's window, but Goku becomes wide awake when Hachan tells him his knapsack has been stolen! Though Murasaki races away on a snow machine, which Goku seems unable to catch up to, not even a snow machine is a match for a Kamehameha!

After Murasaki is sunk snugly under an avalanche, and Goku gets his knapsack back (which contains his lunch, not Dragon Balls) Professor Frappe operates on Hachan and removes his bomb. Finally, they can return to Jingle Village, and Hachan can be at peace. Unfortunately, Frappe couldn't make heads or tails of the Dragon Radar, so Goku decides to visit Bulma so she can fix it. But before they go, Goku decides to dispose of Hachan's bomb by chucking it out into the mountains.

Where it lands on Murasaki and causes him to die a bloody, violent death. Yay kid's show!

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