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Dragon Ball ep 43 - Bulma's House in Metro West

Goku spends the night at Suno's house, and as he'll be saying goodbye to Goku in the morning, Hachan stays as well. The Dragon Radar still isn't working, so Goku has made up his mind to take it to Bulma in Metro West. When Hachan inquires how Goku will get there, Goku says he'll walk. Suno is rightly shocked about this, but resolves to pack Goku as many lunches as possible.

The next morning, however, when the Villagers come to see him off, a village elder and the Village Chief inform Goku that a Kinto Un can't be killed! Surprised, Goku calls for his loyal cloud, given to him by Kame Sen'nin...

Goku is happily reunited with Kinto Un (much to the general amazement of the Jingle Village residence), so he says his goodbyes and flies off toward Metro West!

 "Let's go, Kinto Un!!"
"Goku, West is that way..."

Cue the insert song, please.

As Son Goku and Kinto Un race happily westward, out of the cold north, Commander Red and his assistant, Black, watch his progress via their primitive Dragon Radar. They have two Dragon Balls, and Goku has two Dragon Balls... and there are three more to find! But as Goku lands in the massive city of Metro West, he's on a hunt of an entirely different kind...

 Goku gets lost in the unfathomably large city (to his mind)...
 Gets nearly run over when he walks into the middle of the street,
and irritates a Taxi driver when he asks to go to "Bulma's house" and doesn't have any money.

Goku concludes that the only way to find Bulma in the city is to get money. But he doesn't have any money... That's when Goku sees a large crowd of people gathered around a spectacle... The most beautiful thing the city has to offer a Son.

Street Fighter...ing! And the prize for unseating the champion? 100,000 Zeni. Goku happily challenges the champion (to raucous laughter of the crowd), and the man kindly offers to wave his entry fee, as he's a child. Goku thanks him for that, and says he'll go easy on him (to more laughter).

So Goku knocks him the fuck out, and makes off with a cool 100,000 Zeni. Goku merrily prances down the street, looking to exchange his money for information about Bulma, when two thugs notice the boy holding a large chunk of cash walking by himself... so they call him over.

"You'll tell me where Bulma's house is?"
But they refuse, demanding his money...

After having their butts kicked, the thugs happily comply with Goku's demands, suggesting he seek out a police officer if he wants to locate someone. Goku skips off merrily once more, and asks a girl where he can find a police officer. She points one out to him, and Goku gives her all his money, thanking her. Goku approaches the officer, asking if he knows where Bulma lives. He says he needs to be more specific, so Goku draws a picture of her.

The police officer says he'll need to be more specific still, but thinks Goku is trustworthy enough that he looks up "Bulma" on his computer. He is surprised to find out that the very Bulma this kid is looking for is the daughter of the President of Capsule Corporation -- the groundbreaking inventor of the Hoi Poi Capsule! The officer offers to give Goku a ride, but Goku says he doesn't have any money... Which offends the police officer! Clearly, he doesn't charge money!

The city sure is a confusing place...!

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