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Dragon Ball ep 44 - Goku and Friends and Tons of Danger

Son Goku, thanks to the help of an on-duty Police Officer, has found Bulma's house in Metro West. And where she lives is surprising! The Capsule Corporation, home of the Hoi Poi Capsule! When Bulma ditches school, she's delighted to see Son-kun waiting for her. So they two enter the Capsule Corp. house, followed by the Police Officer (who wants to have his police bike looked at).

Introducing Dr. Brief
Father, Scientist, Husband, Crazy Cat Lady

Dr. Brief (Bulma's father, inventor of the Hoi Poi Capsule, and avid collector of stray cats, dogs, and dinosaurs) greets the trio as he rides his bike around his private garden. Initially he mistakes the Police Officer for Goku, but is pleased to find out that Goku is as short as he has been led to believe. Bulma tells him to take a look at the police bike, and that she and Goku are going upstairs.

"You two are at the kissing stage now?"
"Of course we are not!"
"You certainly are slow..."

Yup. Dr. Brief.

Bulma fixes the Dragon Radar in virtually no time flat, then advises Goku to be more careful in future. Upon seeing he only has two Dragon Balls, she expresses disappointment in him. "If you had me with you we'd have all 7 balls in no time flat... So why don't I help you out?" "No thanks! Your reflexes are slow so you'll just be in the way!"

Goku doesn't approve.

Goku then reminds her that she can't ride Kinto Un, either. "Oh, but I can!" "You've become a good person now?" "I've always been a good person! I'm just guilty of being a beautiful girl~" Bulma explains that she has a new invention -- the Micro-Band -- which will allow her to strink to a size small enough for Goku to easily carry her around!

 The Micro-Band.
The Micro-Band in action!
 Then she gets stepped on.
Introducing Panty Brief
Mother, MILF

Bulma's mother (named Panty retroactively by Toriyama-sensei) enters the room, stepping on the shrunken version of her daughter. Bulma returns to her full sizes and shouts at her mother, who apologizes to "Goku-chan" for her daughter. "Forgive my daughter, she can be noisy..." Then she offers "Goku-chan" some alcohol. No seriously. "Don't be giving alcohol to kids!" Bulma protests. "Going through that rebellious period..." Panty laments.

We then find out, due in part to Panty's blabbing, that Yamcha and Bulma are fighting because Yamcha has a fanclub. Young girls, of course -- certainly not martial arts enthusiasts. So Goku and Bulma leave -- Bulma shrinking down and hopping into Goku's shirt, and Goku calling for and boarding Kinto Un -- all to the utter bewilderment of the Police Officer, who remarks on how strange rich people are. Then he nearly runs over a woman with his super-powered police bike.

Meanwhile, Red and Black are monitoring the progress of Goku's two Dragon Balls, as they've stopped in Metro West. Receiving shocking reports that both Colonel Silver and General White were taken down by a single boy, Black says that he has hired Metro West's world famous master thief, Husky, to steal the boy's Dragon Balls...

 Master Thief, Husky.
And her goons.

Husky reports to her two goons that she's looking for a boy. Upon seeing his picture, the two thugs vividly recall their encounter with Goku from earlier in the day. They aren't looking forward to this job.

Goku reunites with Yamcha, Oolong, and Puar (at the protest of Bulma), where Yamcha is down and out over Bulma being mad at him. Puar and Oolong both talk trash about what a spoiled brat Bulma is, but Yamcha can't seem to tear himself from dat booty. Bulma reveals herself full sized, and angrily chastises them for their back talking, then tells Goku that she and him, alone, will be heading into Metro West's Mid-Air Amusement Park. Yamcha sees this as a good opportunity to patch things up with her, so he insists her, Oolong, and Puar were about to go too!

But Husky is already on their tail... "Son Goku ... Even if you are skilled, your mind is still that of a child ... Have fun ... and be as cheerful as possible. I will steal them from you ... the Dragon Balls."

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