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Dragon Ball ep 45 - Watch Out! A Mid-Air Trap

Goku and friends have arrived at the Mid-Air Amusement Park!
Closely tailing them are Husky and her goons.
 Goku, Oolong, and Puar have fun balancing on giant balls,
 riding on a carousal,
And fighting over ice cream... until...
They hear a woman scream for help who is being attacked! 

The thugs escape before Goku can reach them, but there is more to this woman than meets the eye... and Goku notices right away...!

"She has a booger here!"

The woman tells Goku and his pals that she is a fortune teller, and she wants to tell their fortune in return for rescuing her. In truth, however, she is Husky in disguise, looking to steal Goku's Dragon Balls! After pretending to read Goku's fortune, by bringing up his recent toppling of Muscle Tower, she brings up the Dragon Balls themselves... "Two of them... round... balls... That's it! You have two balls inside your clothes, do you not?" "Amazing! How did you know?!" "I sense some sort of bad portent. Could you show them to me?"

Goku obliges.

Then Yamcha suggests to Goku that she probably means the Dragon Balls. Upon seeing them, Husky's plan goes into action. Nice going, Yamcha... Unfortunately, her goons mess up and cause the whole plan to go awry, with Goku, Oolong, and Puar leaving to chase after them. Fortunately for Husky, however, they leave the Dragon Balls with Yamcha...

Why don't you just mail the Dragon Balls directly to Commander Red?

Meanwhile, Bulma has been looking for Yamcha, catches him in a compromising position with Husky, and goes into Jealous Girlfriend Mode. So she chucks a crate at him, knocking him over, then huffs off... leaving Husky to steal the Dragon Balls and blow up the Mid-Air Amusement Park! 

Nice going, Yamcha.

Goku arrives (with the goons, stating that they've come to apologize) and Yamcha tells Goku about Husky's bomb that is set to go off in six minutes (plus the Dragon Balls he lost because he sucks). So Goku calls for Kinto Un, and chases after the Master Thief!

 Goku attempts to reason with her,
 which causes Husky to stop watching to where she's flying,
 so she crashes,
 and Goku catches her with his Nyoibo.
 Then Goku eats the bomb detonator,
and retrieves the Dragon Balls by tickling them away from Husky.

And that's how Goku won the day.

Afterwards, Bulma slaps Yamcha for "cheating" on her, then boards the Kinto Un with Goku and the two fly off to find the next Dragon Ball.

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