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Dragon Ball ep 46 - Bulma's Big Failure

Pictured Above: The result of Bulma complaining about Kinto Un's speed.

Goku and Bulma (riding on Kinto Un) have sped across the (dragon) world, to the southern islands, where the next Dragon Ball is supposedly located! But when they reach the exact position of the Ball, they find themselves directly over feet of ocean. Goku wants to swim down to find it (naturally), but Bulma says they needn't do anything so "primitive", for she has the power of technology! ...Unfortunately, she accidentally swapped her case of Hoi Poi Capsules for her father's. And well, this is Dragon Ball, and Dr. Brief is an adult male... so I bet we can all guess what he keeps in his single Capsule.

"Weird! They're all naked but they're not taking baths..."
"That isn't for kids!!!"
"That dirty old man! I'll never trust him again!"
Sheesh, talk about daddy issues.

So Goku leaves Bulma to lament her station in life, gets naked and dives into the ocean. He swims several feet before he begins to run out of breath (which is pretty good for a 12 year old kid, insanely strong super hero or not)... and he comes to the conclusion that he can't breathe that long. He returns to Bulma to throw the proverbial ball back in her hypothetical court, but she's gone missing! Where could she be?

Oh, that's right: Getting shot at from military choppers.

But the Red Ribbon soldiers patrolling the island realize that she isn't the boy they're looking for, and is, in fact, a cute young girl! So they do what any good soldier of fortune would do.

"Say, wanna do something fun with us?"
"Eh? Something fun? ... You don't mean video games, do you?"
"Of course not."
"Not tag or Hide-and-Go-Seek..."
"It wouldn't be a riddle game, would it?"
"Then... you don't mean... Something really perverted that you can't do in a gag anime meant for good boys and girls?!"
They try to gang rape her.

Forgive me for editorializing at this point, but is it really "Bulma's Big Failure" when she's almost sexually assaulted? For this reason, I prefer the FUNimation title for this episode, "Bulma's Bad Day" which, I think, scratches the surface of the psychological damage done to the girl in this episode.

And to think, she'd have never left Metro West if she wasn't mad at Yamcha. Nice work, Yamcha...

Introducing General Blue,
a cruel man captivated by his own beauty.

General Blue starts the day by having one of his soldiers executed for picking his nose (he and Pilaf would be of the same mind on this issue). When the word comes in from RR HQ, directly from Commander Red, that the boy responsible for the defeat of Colonel Silver and General White has come for the Dragon Ball that he is tasked to find, Blue is more than a little excited by the prospect. "Things have become a lot more interesting..."

And upon hearing that Goku took out two of their aircrafts, Blue is quite as nonchalant. "So you're here... I'll let you have a bit of fun." Blue says to himself, mischievously.

Goku suggests that he and Bulma go see Kame Sen'nin, as the old master's house isn't too far away, certain that he'll have a Capsule that goes under water. Bulma (as pictured above) isn't too enthusiastic.

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