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Dragon Ball ep 47 - Kame House is Discovered!!

General Blue's fallen aircrafts (belonging to the men who tried to assault Bulma, and were firmly beaten by Son Goku) are located and their pilots are recovered and questioned. They report that 'the boy' was on the island, and that he has an accomplice, a girl. Meanwhile at the Red Ribbon HQ, Red finds it odd that Goku has moved locations without taking Blue's Dragon Ball. Black figures that the boy's secret base must be near there, where he is no doubt consulting the brilliant scientist who crafted his Dragon Radar... so General Blue sends out reconnaissance aircrafts to confirm this...

Turtle is out doing lawn work when Goku arrives at Kame House on Kinto Un (with Bulma shrunk and in his shirt), and is very happy to see his old friend! Goku greets him in his usual manner (pronouncing his name wrong) and asks if Kame Sen'nin is home.

Perhaps predictably, Roshi is watching bikini clad babes run in slow motion.

Roshi (upset at being interrupted from his, erm, alone time) greets Goku with some surprise, thinking he had already found Son Gohan's 4-star ball. But then Bulma returns to her full size, and explains the situation; They found a Dragon Ball, but they can't get it without a Mini Sub, and they were hoping to borrow his. He agrees, but in return, Roshi wants Bulma's Micro-Band!

"Whew! I was almost sure you were going to ask for my panties or to let you do something really dirty and naughty with me."

But she underestimated Roshi, who spends the rest of the episode trying to get Bulma to go to the rest room, so he can turn tiny and watch her... He nearly succeeds once, but ends up getting flushed down the toilet. Pity.

Kuririn and Lunch went shopping, and took the Sub just before Goku and Bulma arrived.
Unfortunate for everyone, Lunch sneezed while at the farmer's market.
She proceeds to thrash everyone around, including Kuririn.

Thankfully for everyone, Kuririn manages to get them back in one piece.

Kuririn and Lunch happily greet Goku, who tells them why he needs the sub. Upon hearing the location of the Dragon Ball, Kuririn recalls a legend Roshi had told him of a pirate's treasure supposedly buried near there! Bulma is caught up in the romanticism, and so with Kuririn joining them, the trio of Goku, Bulma, and Kuririn leave in the sub to find the Dragon Ball, and hunt for treasure!!

But the Red Ribbon Army have discovered Kame House...!!!

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