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Dragon Ball ep 48 - General Blue Begins Attacking!!

Commander Red orders General Blue to attack Kame House, kidnap Roshi (who they think is the scientist providing Goku with his Dragon Radar), and steal the Dragon Balls (which Bulma left behind in her backpack). Blue elects to split his force into two. One squad to go after Goku, Bulma, and Kuririn, and find the next Dragon Ball, led by Blue; The other squad to attack Kame House, led by Captain Dock.

Cue the Insert Song.
Soldier! Red Ribbon!

Meanwhile, Goku, Kuririn, and Bulma search the ocean in hopes of finding the Dragon Ball. But even in the sub, they can't seem to locate it. This looks like a job for...!!

Scuba Goku!
(I totally want this action figure to play with during bath time.)

Goku finds a mysterious fissure on the ocean floor, and Bulma uses the Dragon Radar to scan for any other entrances. That's when they discover it's actually a cave, and they can enter nearby! Excitedly, ours heroes make to enter the cave and find the Dragon Ball... but the Red Ribbon Army is on their tail!!


Kuririn and Bulma panic -- why are they being fired at? That's when Goku explains to them that the Red Ribbon Army is always trying to fight him for the Dragon Balls. Bulma and Kuririn crap themselves with fear, and shout at Goku for not telling them earlier! Evidently, the Red Ribbon Army have quite a reputation for evil. 

Our heroes manage to escape into a smaller crevice in the cave, but Blue and his men get into Mini-Subs and follow them.

At Kame House, Micro-Roshi is waiting in the bathroom for Lunch to come in and use it, so he can watch her. Stay classy, Kame Sen'nin.

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