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Dragon Ball ep 49 - Lunch-san in Danger

Muten Roshi contemplates how best to get Lunch naked so he can use his Micro-Band to peep on her. He starts to run a bath, and approaching Lunch (who has been doing house work all day) he suggests she take a break from cooking and enjoy the bath herself. She's grateful, but wants to finish cooking. Roshi insists, saying adding spices is his specialty, and attempts to wrench the pepper from her hand.

His attempt backfired.

Morally Dubious Lunch has noticed she's spent a lot of time around this old man, and wants to know who he is. Roshi tells her he's the old man she had once given millet dumplings. Lunch comes to the conclusion that they must be friends, and so tells Roshi he owes her the dumplings. In a twist of fate that seems to favor Roshi, she requests that he rub her back in return. This works out well for the dirty old man until he tries to feel her breasts.

 Above Kame House, Captain Dock's fleet approaches...

Roshi apologizes to Lunch by making her lunch. But Lunch doesn't like Roshi's lunch, even though it is the lunch that Lunch made before turning into the other Lunch - whew!

So she decides to kill him.
Turtle uses a branch to tickle Lunch's nose, which causes her to sneeze and revert back to sweet Lunch.

Captain Dock and his fleet arrive at Kame House's front door, and with their weapons pointed at Roshi, Turtle, and Lunch, they question the old master - convinced he is a brilliant scientist who created Goku's Dragon Radar. But Roshi is obstinate, claiming to know nothing about such a device. The Red Ribbon soldiers get fed up, tired of Roshi's mocking... "What do you plan to do with the balls? Croquet?" Dock makes to attack Roshi in fury, but one of his men calm the Captain. "He isn't defying us. He's an old man." "So what happens if I do defy you?" "Then you die, of course!" "Then I guess maybe I'll defy you!"

And defy them he does.

One of the soldiers still stands, and pointing his gun at Lunch's head, he commands Roshi to stand down. The old master does, seeing no other way to save Lunch. But Turtle grabs his leaf branch, and once more tickles Lunch's nose...

Meanwhile, Goku, Bulma, and Kuririn ride their Mini-Sub through the underwater cave, trying to lose General Blue and his soldier's Mini-Subs. Strangely, they come upon an area of the cave which has air. So they leave their sub and begin to explore... "Wait. How come we have to run away?" Goku wonders aloud. "We should just beat them up!"

"I'm gonna beat them up!"

But upon hearing all of Captain Dock's team was utterly beaten by an old man and a woman, General Blue elects to proceed with caution.

 The two teams discover the cave is actually an underwater Headquarters...
 But a Headquarters for whom?

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