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Dragon Ball ep 50 - The Pirates' Traps

In this episode, Goku and Luffy team up to go on an adventure to Mr. Satan's Kingdom, and have a party with Shenlong.

Wait wait wait, that's not right...

When we last left our heroes, they had ventured into a strange, underwater Pirate Base... the location of the next Dragon Ball, and Pirate Treasure! Closely following them, General Blue and his soldiers, hoping to get the ball and treasure for themselves!

"We did it! Treasure! Treasure! No matter what, we will find a mountain of treasure!" -Kuririn
"Don't get too excited! Have you forgotten about the Red Ribbon Army, Kuririn?" -Bulma
"I'd rather have food than treasure..." -Goku

Meanwhile, at the Red Ribbon HQ,
 Commander Red commissions an oil painting of himself,
and reveals he is very insecure about his height.
(that's important, so make note of it now, kiddos.)

Upon hearing about the Pirate treasure, Red assures Blue that if he doesn't bring back the Dragon Ball and the treasure, he will surely be punished. He is on his last chance.

Back at the Pirate base, our heroes come upon the first booby trap. A hallway littered with buttons that, when stepped on, cause the walls to eject flying arrows at speeds quick enough to impale even Goku's hard head! So how does Goku get passed it?

He jumps!

Kuririn jumps as well (though nearly maims himself in the process), and they use Goku's Nyoibo to pull Bulma over it. General Blue's forces aren't as lucky...

But Blue's a clever cupcake, and uses his keen detection skills to find the secret path that the pirates themselves must have surely used. This new path isn't without danger, however! 

 Blue steps into a pool of water along the pathway, and is attacked by a ravenous electric eel!
 But General Blue isn't as weak as Silver or White, and overpowers the beast easily...

 Our heroes arrive at strange glowing skulls, on their pathway.
 And when they try to go forward, the floor cracks open and molten lava is revealed!
Which Goku mistakes for jelly.
 Bulma tries to climb up Goku, but this only shakes Kuririn!
"P-please don't move, Panties-san!"
 "It's BULMA! I got it! You're thinking nasty thoughts, aren't you?!
 "N-no! Not at a time like this..." *tug*
 But as Goku tries to lift them back up, the rock cracks again, and they go plummeting to their doom!!!
Thankfully, Nyoibo saves them. But only after Bulma burns her butt.

Goku, Bulma, and Kuririn move on, being extra careful for future booby traps... when they come upon a giant room! Not just any room, but... an underground pirates' dock! With a submarine and all! Bulma figures if there's a submarine, there must be another exit to the cave (as Hoi Poi Capsules are a recent invention). Blue follows them closely, waiting for them to find the Dragon Balls and treasure, before he kills them... but something else is following them too!!!

The Pirate Bot!

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