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Dragon Ball ep 51 - The Security Guard at the Bottom of the Ocean

 Pirate Bot
Pirate Bot
Pirate Bot
 Pirate Bot
Pirate Bot
 Pirate Bot
Pirate Bot
Pirate Bot
 Pirate Bot

Goku and Kuririn's martial arts have no effect on the Pirate Bot, the security guard of the underwater pirates' port. After failing to do more than break his sword (why does a robot pirate with a gun arm need a sword?), Kuririn, along with Bulma, aim one of the pirates' submarine's cannons at the Pirate Bot - whilst Goku keeps him distracted.

But their attempt is unsuccessful; doing more harm than good, the port (and the cave itself) begins the rumblings of an eventual collapse! And the Pirate Bot is unscathed! Bulma and Kuririn try to shoot the robot again when it launches at them -- but again the Pirate Bot dodges the blast, and the room takes it head on! The Pirate Bot fires its gun at the pair, and Goku leaps at the robot to rescue them, with Nyoibo in hand!

But not even Nyoibo can stand up to the Pirate Bot!
 So Bulma hops in a tanker trunk,
 and rams it into the Pirate Bot!!
And the Pirate Bot is defeated...

"You can't kill me, motherfuckers!"

Goku barely manages to escape the Pirate Bot's wrath, and gets himself buried under rubble in the process. Kuririn and Bulma run away, but there's no where to run...

Bulma and Kuririn evade the Pirate Bot long enough to find the pirates' port security room. Bulma tries to shut the Pirate Bot down from the control console, but no such luck. (Bulma doesn't know ctrl+alt+del.) But the Pirate Bot finds them soon enough, and torches the control room! Luckily, Goku uses Nyoibo to rescue them, and shouts for them to go on ahead... while he finishes off the Pirate Bot once and for all!! 

General Blue, watching the entire exchange from a safe distance, chooses to follow Kuririn and Bulma.

 "Paper... Scissors..."

And finally, the Pirate Bot is destroyed (for real this time). 

As the pair run to find the Dragon Ball, Kuririn wonders, "Do you suppose Goku's alright?" To which Bulma responds, "You have a worrying problem, you know that?" Indeed. And as the pair dive into the water to continue on their path toward the Dragon Ball, with General Blue close on their tails, and Goku tricked into going the wrong direction (by Blue cleverly changing the direction of the arrow Kuririn drew for him), he'd be a fool not to worry!!

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