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Dragon Ball ep 52 - We Did It! Treasure Discovered

Bulma and Kuririn swim ever closer to the pirate treasure, and next Dragon Ball, with General Blue hot on their heels. Bobbing up from the water, they find it at last...

The Pirates' Treasure!
But it is guarded by a mysterious statue, which attacks our heroes!

Brandishing one of the statue's own swords, Kuririn deflects the flurry of blows and stabs the statue in the head, defeating it. Bulma discovers one of the treasure chests has a key, and they use it to unlock a keyhole located on the base of the statue.

 And the treasure is theirs
 General Blue reveals himself, announcing that the Red Ribbon Army will have the treasure.
 And Bulma totally loves him.
And he's totally gay as Christmas.

Upon realizing that Blue is gay, Kuririn mocks him (not cool, man). So Blue beats the shit out of him.

But Kuririn is a student of Kame Sen'nin! After taking Blue's abuse for a time, he uses a cleverly timed Zanzoken (After Image) and nails the General... in the face! (That's what she said)

Blue flies into a fury after having his "handsome face" bloodied by Kuririn. He unleashes his secret ability on our chibi monk -- psychic stunning. Unable to move as long as Blue wills it, Kuririn is beaten near enough to death. And Blue lifts a boulder, and prepares to send Kuririn to hell...! Bulma tries to seduce him again (which fails spectacularly, even when she insists she's secretly a man), and offers him their Dragon Balls... but Blue is a cruel man, and is unwilling to bargain.

 Then suddenly: Son Goku!
On the path Goku had taken, he was captured by a giant Octopus, who wanted to eat him.
"Oh! I know you! You're a squid!"
"I'm an Octopus!!!"
Goku, however, used a Kamehameha, and had cooked Octopus instead.
So finally...
The confrontation between Goku and Blue begins now...!!!

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