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Dragon Ball ep 53 - The Eyes that Sparkle with Terror

"Every time I'm about to kill scum such as yourself... each and every strand of my beautiful hair... and my white, glowing skin tremble with pleasure!"
"What's with you?! You gross me out!"

As the battle between Goku and General Blue begins, Bulma tries to help Goku by shouting out a distraction. Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect, and distracts Goku.

But as Blue launches into a follow up attack, it's clear who has the upper hand. (Also: this is one of the most well directed fight scenes in the series. Some really interesting work, and I recommend rewatching the fight if you've not seen it in awhile.)

Kuririn is astounded by Goku's strength, saying he's even stronger now than he was at the Tenka-ichi Budokai. (Which was, what? A few weeks ago? I mean, how long has Goku been at this, really? He messed around with Silver for a couple days - almost all of that was filler - and was in Jingle Village for two days. No, Goku's been gone for a week. Fucking Saiyans.) But General Blue isn't impressed with Goku's power, and makes to finish him off the same as he did Kuririn... with his Psychic ability! Once again, Bulma tries to help Goku by shouting for him not to look into Blue's eyes. But Goku is Goku so this only makes him look directly into Blue's eyes.

Hey Bulma... stop helping.

Blue beats Goku up a bit, now that Goku cannot fight back, but wraps it up quick; the cave is collapsing faster than ever now. The Red Ribbon General uses a Hoi Poi Capsule to get out a shotgun, points it to Goku's face, and gets Bulma to tell him the location of the Dragon Ball - which is lying beneath a nearby pool. Blue readies his shotgun to finish Goku off, when the unlikeliest of heroes arrives...

 A tiny mouse, which frightens Blue out of his concentration.
 And before he can put Goku back in a psychic trance, our hero uses his Paper-Scissors-
-Rock! (Janken)

General Blue is finished, but so is the cave. Bulma and Kuririn have to leave their much desired treasure behind, and do so in a hurry. Goku stays behind, however, to get that Dragon Ball!!! He also rescues the mouse that saved him. Dawww<3

Kuririn and Bulma snatch a Mini-Sub docked at the Pirates' Dock, which luckily starts up! Though Goku still hasn't returned, Bulma wants to leave without him, and Kuririn, well... isn't a total bitch.



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