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Dragon Ball ep 54 - Run! Run! The Great Escape

Goku makes it to the Mini-Sub just as Bulma begins to descend. Kuririn calls out to him, and thus Goku is safe! But in trying to escape from the collapsing cave, the Mini-Sub runs out of gas... Bulma and Kuririn are certain they're done for, when Goku hands Kuririn his mouse friend, and tells them to hold their breath.

"KA... ME... HA... ME..."

The sheer force of Goku's Kamehameha sends them and their Mini-Sub flying! Calling Kinto Un, Goku snatches his friends from the air, and saves the day! Yay! "You really saved us! It's great having such a good friend!" Bulma exclaims. "Yet you wanted to abandon him..." Kuririn quips. But someone else has managed to survive as well...!

General Blue, back from the dead. 

Kuririn laments not getting any treasure, but Bulma reveals that snatched a giant diamond... and kept it hidden in her (wait for it) snatch (eh? eeehhhh???) She gives it to Kuririn to give to Kame Sen'nin (in return for losing his Mini-Sub). And Kuririn sniffs it. Goku, meanwhile, is disappointed the Dragon Ball is the 3-star ball, and not Son Gohan's.

Seeing Blue's Red Ribbon base on the island they've taken refugee on, they decide to scavenge around for food and supplies.
 This poor schub is the only soldier left at the base. 
And when he overhears they defeated Blue's entire unit, he decides to take action.
Evasive action.

Much to the chagrin of the soldier, Bulma, and Kuririn, Commander Red calls to check in on Blue's progress. Goku, however, thinks the speaker itself is talking to them, and tries to communicate back. But when Red gets irritated with the curious boy, shouting, Goku gets mad and breaks the whole machine. Talk about sending a message! (eh? eeeeehhh?)

But once the kids leave, and Blue returns, things look even grimmer for the poor soldier...

Goku, Bulma, and Kuririn return to Kame House, and give Roshi the diamond. The old master is very surprised, and wonders just how many strip clubs he can go to before the money runs out! But he won't have an opportunity to find out, if Morally Dubious Lunch has anything to say about it!

Lunch steals the diamond from them and takes off in the Red Ribbon aircraft that they stole in order to fly back to Kame House. But they aren't alone...


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