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Dragon Ball ep 55 - 'Lo! Chased to Penguin Village

General Blue prepares his Psychic Ability #2 as our heroes sit and relax in Kame House, planning their next move. Bulma wants to go back to the city, Roshi wants her to stay as his lover, Goku is ready to look for the next Dragon Ball, and Kuririn wants the diamond back. Then Goku smells something funny. "Did you smell something weird just now?" He asks Kuririn. "No..." "Oh, that's right. You don't have a nose."

 Then our heroes are mysteriously ensnared by rope!

Blue swipes Goku's three Dragon Balls, sets down a time bomb for five minutes, and leaves our heroes to die! (Though both Bulma and Kame Sen'nin offer their services to the Red Ribbon Army in exchange for their lives... though I doubt Roshi was as serious as Bulma.) But suddenly, Lunch comes home! She's back to her blue-haired self, and brandishing the diamond, wondering why she has it. Quickly she unties Goku, who grabs the time bomb in the nick of, well, time and chucks it out the window!

Goku shouts for Kinto Un, and together they go after Blue! But Blue isn't willing to give up his big pay day to Commander Red so easily, and uses his flying machine's full power to evade our hero! Kinto Un can keep up, however, and the two rocket through the skies at such amazing speeds that reality itself bends to their will. And they end up in...

... an entirely different anime!

Blue finally thinks he has outrun Goku (by shutting off his engine, letting Goku approach, and quickly turning it back on, knocking Goku backward), but isn't paying attention to his own flying so he crashes into a mountain. Yup.

 And then Goku lands perfectly in front of a girl in a pink hat.

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